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  • Esports Planet

    In less than a decade of development, China has become the world's largest esports market. But China's mainstream culture has long been skeptical of e-sports. Centering on esports events and the stories of relevant practitioners, this program presents the current development status of esports ind...

  • The Gift of Life

    The Gift of Life presents the new look and the challenges of China’s organ transplants since the country announced a ban on its controversial use of organs taken from executed prisoners as of January 1, 2015. It tells riveting human-interest stories inside hospitals across China; how families of ...

  • The #Frontline: #China's Fight against #COVID19|Documentary Series 1 of 2

    #China was the first country to be hit by #COVID19. When the lives of 1.4 billion people were put under threat by the #virus, China locked down #Wuhan. But how did the virus spread throughout the city? And what led to the unprecedented #lockdown? The first part of this documentary explains the f...

  • The Frontline: China's Fight against COVID-19|Documentary Series 2 of 2

    In the first two months of the virus outbreak in Wuhan, the situation threatened to spiral out of control. But the people, the city and the country did not give up. How did the 9 million people of Wuhan live and survive? How did the city isolate the ill from the healthy?

  • The Travelling Cinema

    The film follows a father and son projectionist team in their efforts to bring the entertainment to areas with little access to electricity after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. Luo Cong and his father are survivors of the devastating earthquake. The story is a reminder that although time heals, the...

  • Princess of the Beavers

    Princess of the Beavers is a documentary about the efforts of a father and his daughter to protect the wildlife of Altay Prefecture in Xinjiang, in China’s northwest. In the course of following the pair for over a year, the documentary explores the sometimes difficult relationship between the loc...

  • Hurricane Iota slams into Colombia and Nicaragua

    Hurricane Iota hit Nicaragua and Colombia’s Island Providencia last night. The storm diminished after hitting the coast of Nicaragua.

  • DC celebrates election results

    Crowds in the U.S. continued to gather near the White House on Sunday. People were celebrating the election results in a multi-block street party.
    Most were in support of projected U.S. president Joe Biden, and ready for change. Steel fences remain around the White House keeping people blocks a...

  • New baby eastern black rhino born

    An endangered baby eastern black rhino was born at the Chester Zoo in England this weekend. Conservationists around the world are celebrating, as fewer than 1,000 black rhinos exist. Chester Zoo is asking the public to help pick the baby rhino’s name- Kasulu, Koshi or Kaari?

  • Slender firefighter rescues 85-year-old-man from between two walls in China

    See the moment firefighters in Yulin City in the Guangxi province of China pull an elderly man out from where he was trapped in a 20-centimeter-wide gap, unable to move. It was unclear how the man became wedged between the walls.

  • Bei Bei, giant panda born in US heads to China

    Bei Bei, the most famous resident of the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., has bid farewell to the U.S. capital.
    Bei Bei is heading to China. The giant panda is now four years old.
    That’s the age when all pandas born abroad go to China under their breeding agreements.

  • Mahjong, Old World game from China draws New World interest

    A game of strategy, skill, and a little bit of chance. Mahjong is a traditional Chinese game that dates back centuries.
    Through the years — it’s gained fans around the world.
    In New York City, it’s seeing a revival among Jewish-American women, while drawing competitive players to national tou...

  • Mexico City Metro marks 50th anniversary of public service

    Officials in Mexico City have announced a $2 billion investment aimed at upgrading the city’s underground subway system. The modernization plans come as the Mexican capital marks 50 years of its beloved “Metro,” a public transportation system has transformed the daily lives of residents.

  • U.S.-China trade war is hitting Maine's lobster industry

    The U.S.-China trade war is hitting one U.S. state particularly hard.
    This month, China slapped the U.S. lobster industry with a 35 percent retaliatory tariff – up 10 percent from last year.
    Most of the U.S. lobster supply comes from the state of Maine – where lobster exports to China have plumme...

  • Underwater rugby kicks off in Mexico City

    With the World Cup 2019 well underway in Japan, 20 countries from around the world are competing for the sport’s highest honor.
    But in Mexico, a country more interested in football, there’s a growing sport that most traditional rugger fans have never heard of: underwater rugby.

  • Comic strip exhibition celebrates icons and heroes time forgot

    Original artwork of famous comic characters has gone on display at the U.S. Library of Congress. The exhibition charts 120 years of cartoons.
    And while there are scores of familiar faces, the exhibition also aims to honor those time forgot. CGTN’s Owen Fairclough reports.

  • Face-swapping app “Zao” amazes and alarms with deepfake capabilities

    A face-swapping app using Artificial Intelligence technology known as ‘deepfake’ is making waves and raising alarm. It’s called Zao. The app surprised the mobile world with its skyrocketing popularity in China, but has also prompted authorities to ask creators to better protect the privacy of users.

  • Football fans at odds as politics seeps into beautiful game

    Football executives from all over the world are meeting in Portugal for the Soccerex forum. They’re discussing different ways of selling a sport that’s become both tribal and global. Young fans are a crucial and lucrative market for clubs and leagues.
    Amid increasing polarization in many parts of...

  • Chinese electric mini truck wants US buyers

    Electric vehicles have grown in popularity thanks in part to companies like Tesla, Nissan and Chevrolet.
    But EV’s can be quite pricey, something Kaiyun Motors from China is steering clear of by with its simpler and more affordable vehicle.

  • Venezuelan singer becomes an inspiration in Colombia

    An more than a million Venezuelans are living in Colombia after fleeing the economic and political crisis at home.
    While most are fighting to rebuild their lives, a few have become inspiration living out dreams they never thought possible.

  • Mexico launches program to stem rising drug addiction

    While authorities around the world seek to put drug traffickers behind bars, many government programs are also focused on the consumers. Mexico is known for its drug kingpins and gangsters. But President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is focusing a new anti-drug program on abuse prevention.

  • Thrifting industry booms due to environmentally conscious consumers

    With second-hand goods becoming extremely popular, more people are turning thrifting into a living.

  • Trade war shifts US trucking industry into reverse

    The ongoing U.S.-China trade war is impacting a wide range of industries. U.S. agriculture is taking an especially hard hit. That, in turn, is putting the breaks on America’s trucking industry.

  • US farmers raise alerts as trade war with China heats up

    The U.S. Trade Representative’s office has reaffirmed President Donald Trump’s plans to impose an additional 5% tariff on a list of $300 billion of Chinese imports, with some starting September 1st.
    The administration had previously planned to impose a 10% tariff but decided to raise that amount ...