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  • Cuba turns plastic waste into lumber

    Like other countries, Cuba is dealing with plastic pollution that has washed up on its beach shores and river basins.
    A group of industrious people in western Matanzas province, some 100 kilometers from Havana, is collecting and recycling plastic waste. They are members of the cooperative A-3, wh...

  • Woman in Brazil sees treasure in trash

    When 36-year-old Valdenise, or Val as she is called, was relocated to Mare the first thing that caught her attention was the lack of parks and all the trash on the streets all sorts of it.
    She is helping transform the dump into a sidewalk with raised garden beds. It’s the brainchild of Val, who n...

  • After sail across the Atlantic,climate activist Greta Thunberg docks in New York

    In the span of one year, Greta Thunberg, a 16-year old student activist from Sweden has become the global face of climate change.
    Since launching her school climate strike movement in August 2018, millions of people have tuned into her message. On Wednesday she arrived in New York after a gruelin...

  • Hong Kong: "One country, two systems"

    Officially, Hong Kong is designated as a Special Administrative Region of China, a distinction shared with Macao.

  • Auto repair shop transforms into a taco stand

    In Mexico City, one business is functioning differently, by juggling multiple operations at once.
    CGTN’s Alasdair Baverstock reports business success often comes down to finding your niche.

  • Physical therapists in demand for e-sports players

    t’s a multi-million dollar industry – moving as quickly as its games. The world of e-sports has lured players from around the world.
    But intense competition means a lot of stress and strain. And that has gamers seeking help from an unlikely source.

  • UN pays tribute to women for unique role they play

    From delivering urgent food aid and medicines, to offering: shelter, counseling and support, unsung heroes at the front lines of conflict and disasters help the most vulnerable from Syria to South Sudan. And on World Humanitarian Day, the United Nations is paying tribute to the women among them.

  • Controversy in Oaxaca, Mexico over Latin America’s biggest wind farm

  • Trump delays some tariffs fearing consumer impact

    Earlier this month, Trump announced he would place an additional 10 percent tariff on $300 billion worth of Chinese imports- essentially all remaining non-tariffed goods from China.
    Those tariffs were slated to go into effect Sept. 1, but now Trump is postponing until Dec. 15 tariffs on items in...

  • Asian American animator at forefront of creating VR films

    Maureen Fan is at the forefront of creating VR films leading the Emmy-award winning animation studio, Baobab. Hear her story of how she’s living out her childhood dreams.

  • School teaches foreign students Spanish

    Mexico is a popular holiday destination for tourists from around the world, and many visitors use the opportunity to hone their language skills as well.
    And as CGTN’s Alasdair Baverstock reports, one school in the south of the country guarantees improvements by placing foreign students among loc...

  • Huawei banned from US government contracts

    A new rule prohibits the U.S. government from buying telecommunications and video surveillance products from five Chinese firms including Huawei and ZTE. The U.S. claims Huawei and other Chinese firms could share user data with the Chinese government or even launch hacking attacks on U.S. networks.

  • Lyme disease on the rise across US

    Every year there are roughly 30,000 new reported cases of Lyme Disease in the United States.
    But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believes the number is likely ten times higher than that because the disease is often undiagnosed.
    Lyme is now the fastest growing vector-borne disease...

  • Ecuadorian musician connects with the land

    Our Urban Voice is a musician from Ecuador who is a former archaeology student. In his studies of ancient cultures he came across thousands of musical instruments made from raw materials. It helped him see a connection between music and nature. It also inspired him to “play” on instruments made f...

  • Jeremy Lin | Asian & American series

    He’s not only the first Chinese American NBA player, but he’s also the first Asian American athlete to win an NBA Championship. We’re talking about professional basketball player Jeremy Lin- who continues to break down stereotypes and make history.

  • US colleges struggling with low enrollment closing

    Small colleges across the United States are closing at an unprecedented pace as they struggle to attract students and face revenue shortages. Part of the problem is demographics.
    The number of high school seniors is dropping – dramatically in some parts of the country – and students are growing ...

  • Popularity of acupuncture in US

    Jeremy Riesenfeld suffered from depression in his early 20s and credits acupuncture with healing him. Now, he sees over 100 patients every week in his own acupuncture clinic in Washington, D.C.

  • Cuba's train system updated

    Cuba has unveiled its first new passenger trains built by China. It’s part of a plan to overhaul the island’s rail system that dates back to the 1830s. The new trains will carry over 700 passengers each and travel across the island while making stops along the way in different cities. It was cons...

  • Trump's wall: Border Towns

    U.S. President Donald Trump continues to insist on building a border wall with Mexico. He also maintains the idea that Mexico will foot the bill for the construction.
    But there are some blockades to Trumps’ own blockade. One is simple geography. Finishing the Texas part of the wall would be chal...

  • Sexual abuse in Chile

    One of the most Catholic countries in Latin America is waking up to a new era of deception because of hundreds of cases of sexual abuse committed by priests. Three survivors decided to report their abuser and take the case it to the judicial system. They fought for years, until Pope Francis was ...

  • Fleeing Venezuela

    South America is experiencing the biggest mass migration in recent history, as tens of thousands of Venezuelans flee the economic hardship and political instability in their country. Countries in the region are starting to feel the pressure as unusually high numbers of people cross their borders....

  • China's Transformation with Bill Brown

    During the past four decades, the world has witnessed China’s transformation – a swift economic rise, the uplifting of hundreds of millions out of poverty, and an opening up to the rest of the world. But what’s it been like to witness these changes from inside China and through the eyes of a fore...

  • Afghan gem hunters

    Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley is home to one of the richest supplies of gems in the world. But the big challenge is getting them out with a war going on.
    Meet an ambitious emerald miner and found out first hand how dangerous his pursuit of prosperity is as part of our series, “Through Their Eyes.”

  • Overpopulation with Karen Shragg & Jack Goldstone

    It’s estimated that world population reached its first billion people in 1804. With a birth every four seconds that number is expected to grow to 10 billion by 2050. As we continue to grow the Earth does not.

    In this Full Frame episode, host Mike Walter talks with naturalist and author Karen...