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Americas Now Past Segments

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Americas Now Past Segments
  • Mexico launches an historic lawsuit agains U.S. gunmakers

    It's well-known that Mexican drug cartels are heavily armed. What's, not as well known, is their firearms are made in the United States. Mexico is suing weapon manufacturers in the U.S. for what has become an out of control crisis within its borders. Alasdair Baverstock reports.   

  • Using ancient Asian techniques to grow food in the rainforest

    Brazil is trying to accelerate its food production without causing damage to the Amazon. A small town in the country’s northern region has become a prototype to follow. The town uses Asian farming techniques applied over a century ago. Maria Valls reports.

  • Chile’s latest artistic destination

    In Chile’s port city, Valparaiso, you’ll find over 40 hills and many staircases, steep streets and spaces that have been abandoned. It’s also a haven for artists.

  • Ecuadorian musician connects with the land

    Our Urban Voice is a musician from Ecuador who is a former archaeology student. In his studies of ancient cultures he came across thousands of musical instruments made from raw materials. It helped him see a connection between music and nature. It also inspired him to “play” on instruments made f...

  • Brazil’s Marta one of football’s best players

    Brazilian legend Marta Vieira da Silva is the most accomplished footballer in the world. She was born in a country where women were banned from participating in the sport for almost 40 years.

    She won FIFA’s “World Player of the Year” Award in six different occasions. The 33-year-old athlete ha...

  • Social media fuels “Me Too” in Mexico

    The “Me Too” movement is a female-led campaign against sexual harassment and assault that gathered steam in the U.S. in 2017.
    Since then it’s spread around the world and brought sweeping change, especially in Mexico. One case has sparked a huge public and private debate. It involves a musician w...

  • Venezuela's other crisis

  • Former Mexican ambassador Arturo Sarukhan on the U.S.-Mexico border wall

  • Gender violence survivor becomes voice for Me Too in Peru

  • Panama’s most well-known hat is originally from Ecuador

  • Up close and personal with Yalitza Aparicio

  • Statelessness in Colombia has left thousands of children without a nationality

  • A conversation with OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria

  • Easter Island uses the wisdom of its ancestors to help develop its future

    Easter Island is a tiny dot of land in the Pacific Ocean located 4,000 kilometers off the coast of Chile.

    It’s one of the most isolated islands in the world but its mystical, ancient sites and vast natural marine resources have put it on the map for centuries.

    The natives of the island, the Rap...

  • Text messages lead to political scandal and turmoil in Puerto Rico

    Leaked text messages from ex-Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello, contained offensive and derogatory language, and led to his withdrawl from office.

    The resignation followed mass protests that lasted for weeks. The demonstrations were made worse by continuing outrage over the handling of H...

  • An all-female Samba group shows a commitment to music and the Women's Movement

    The first Samba music to be recorded in Brazil was born in a circle more than one hundred years ago. That’s why when people play Samba music and dance to it, they form “Rodas de Samba” or “Samba Circles.”

    Recently, and rapidly, female musicians have created their own circles and Samba fans are l...

  • Leaving a street gang can be difficult and deadly

    In Central America and the United States, gangs are linked to drug trafficking and some of the most vicious crimes. The notorious MS-13 gang, for example, is responsible for numerous brutal murders. And trying to leave a gang, or refusing to join one, can be fatal.

    Correspondent Mike Kirsch repo...

  • Oldest Chinatown in Latin America makes a comeback

    Cuba has had a Chinese population since the mid-1800.
    In fact, at one point Havana was home to the largest Chinatown in Latin America. Today, many residents are in favor of revitalizing the neighborhood and bringing it back to its former glory.

  • Controversy in Colombia in the war on drugs

    A recent U.N. report says coca production in Colombia has slightly dropped. However, it’s still too high and the country is at risk of losing U.S. funding to combat it. According to the government, the number of coca crops increased at least four times during the previous administration.

  • One of the longest murals in the world

    Murals have been around for as long as humanity. The first ones were found in caves during pre-historic times. They allow individuals and communities to express their beliefs and leave behind evidence of their existence. Mural painting is distinctive in that it’s directly connected to architectur...

  • Voices from the Wall

    The Trump administration has long-called for the construction of a wall to stop migrants from crossing illegally into the U.S. Some have called for the border to be closed completely, while others say the wall is simply causing the death of migrants and won’t achieve its goal.
    What is clear, the...

  • El Salvador migrant seek American Dream

    Every day, between 200 and 300 Salvadorans say goodbye to their loved ones and head north to the United States. That’s according to the El Salvador Migrant Institute.
    They leave without knowing if they will ever make it to their destination. Some get detained; some get discouraged and go back, w...

  • Student helps stop blast fishing in Colombia

    A marine biology student is trying to end an extreme way of fishing in Colombia. Blast fishing is a form of fishing in which explosives are used to increase a fisherman’s catch.
    In addition to killing hundreds of fish, it also shatters coral reefs. In many places it’s illegal.
    But Colombia is a...

  • Pedro Capo carries on musical legacy

    Pedro Capo was born into a family who left a mark in the world of music. His craft continues to make an impact as he continues to write a new chapter into his family’s legacy.