How to save biodiversity?

How to save biodiversity?

How to save biodiversity?
  • Explainer: Biodiversity agreement

    Some hail the UN Biodiversity Framework as "historic", while others worry it's not going to do enough to really save the ecology of life we all depend on. Here are the main points of the framework, and the pitfalls critics say need to be filled.

  • How to stop biodiversity loss

    We are headed towards massive die-offs all around the planet, from insects to large animals, many are at risk. That's the crisis the UN Biodiversity Conference known as COP15 is trying to stop.

    Here's everything you need to know about the emergency that's affecting every segment of life on Eart...

  • Religion & biodiversity

    A Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, and interfaith leader at COP15 share how their religious and spiritual teachings instruct them to care for this planet and all the life within it. From the biblical story of Babel those of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad, and more. See how these teachings are having a posit...

  • Saving aquatic biodiversity

    Ocean conservationists say a deal to protect 30% of Earth’s habitats by 2030 is crucial for aquatic habitats. For Rachel Tiller , counting fish could help if everyone would get on board. CGTN's Owen Fairclough has more from COP15.

  • Youth are sending a message

    Here are a lot of young people at the UN Biodiversity Conference in Montreal, many of them feeling upset that they have to deal with the fallout of the bad decisions made by the previous generations.

    We spoke with four young people who are sharing their messages of frustration and hope for thei...

  • How fun is COP15 really?

    When you think of a United Nations conference on biodiversity, you may have an image of boring halls and speaker after speaker at the microphone.
    The COP15 conference in Montreal couldn't be any farther from that. Come take a tour with us.

  • Is "Nature Positive" a way to heal Earth?

    There's a lot of buzz and controversy surrounding the Nature Positive proposal at #COP15 in Montreal. Some say it can give a free pass for companies and countries to continue their exploitative practices by offsetting the bad with some good in other places, while proponents for the proposal say i...

  • Indigenous youth on continued colonialism

    Many young First Nation indigenous people walking the halls of COP15 in Montreal tell us they feel uninspired by the proposed solutions to the biodiversity crisis which they say are steeped in both colonialism and capitalism.

    We asked how they felt about being faced with the responsibility of i...

  • Steps to halt biodiversity loss

    It may seem like a daunting task, but saving life on Earth is something everyone can take part in. Here are some things nearly everyone can do to help save the planet and stop the loss of biodiversity.