Trash or Treasure? - Where does our waste go?

Trash or Treasure? - Where does our waste go?

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Trash or Treasure? - Where does our waste go?
  • Turning leftover coffee into homewares

    How kitchen waste can become a lampshade, a candle holder or a necklace pendant ☕

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    This story is part of the CGTN Europe Trash or Treasure special - a look at the challenges, innovati...

  • Fuel and fertilizer from food waste - #TrashOrTreasure

    🍔 🚮 Globally we throw away nearly a billion tonnes of food every year. One solution being proposed is to turn food into energy.

    🇪🇺 Across Europe there is an increasing number of anaerobic digestion plants, which are at the heart of the circular economy.

    CGTNEurope visited one in the UK which p...

  • Trash or Treasure? Right to repair

    Each year, Europe creates millions of tons of e-waste – can the EU's 'right to repair' directive cut that? 🛠️

    This story is part of the CGTN Europe Trash or Treasure special - a look at the challenges, innovations and solutions around Europe's waste disposal 🔗

  • An environmental disaster unfolds in Bosnia - #TrashOrTreasure

    😮 Prosperity has accelerated in the Balkans but consumerism has outpaced the region's capacity to deal with a disposable culture leaving a landscape reminiscent of WALL-E.

    ♻️ For CGTN Europe’s #TrashorTreasure special, our Eastern Europe correspondent Aljosa Milenkovic takes us on a tour of an ...

  • BIEA: Children join the fight for sustainability

    The pandemic didn't stop inquisitive young scientists in a global competition to design eco food packaging ♻️

    This story is part of our #TrashOrTreasure special - a look at the challenges, innovations and solutions around Europe's waste disposal.

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  • Where does our plastic go? #TrashorTreasure

    With so many plastics recycling questions, CGTN Europe sets out to lift the lid on plastics in the waste chain starting in Germany where the recycling dream is etched into the cultural conscience – does it stand up to scrutiny?


  • Trash or Treasure? Royal Mint finds treasure in e-waste

    On average, each home has 20 discarded electronic appliances – and that trash is some else's treasure. Could your kitchen drawers be full of gold? 📱 ➡️ 💰

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  • #TrashorTreasure 2 - CGTN Europe

    🌍 As world leaders gather at #COP26, #TrashorTreasure returns with global solutions to our waste disposal chain challenges ♻️ 🌱

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    ♻️ Tune in #TrashOrTreasure Season 1 to find out more: https://stori...

  • How recyclable are plastics and where do they go when they leave our bins?

    We're told that plastic is recyclable, but it's not as cut and dried as that 🤔

    What happens to our plastic waste when it leaves our bin? What do all the symbols on plastics mean? 🤔 Our correspondent in Germany, Natalie Carney, brings us on a journey that starts from her own bin and takes us thr...

  • Serbia tackles one of Europe's largest eco-disasters

    🇷🇸 For decades, Europe’s second-largest landfill has been polluting the Danube River.

    🌊 Now, a $440 million investment is going to change that by creating a facility to burn 340 thousand tons and filter the river’s polluted water.

    🚯 But some it’s not enough.

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  • Does Africa want our second-hand clothes? #TrashorTreasure

    Every year, Kenya imports more than 100,000 tonnes of second-hand clothes or mitumba. Some of the good quality clothes get sold and reused, but an estimated 35,000 tonnes are thrown away and end up clogging rivers or in overflowing landfill sites like Dandora, Africa's biggest, in eastern Nairobi...

  • Prato: A model for sustainable fashion - #TrashOrTreasure

    The Italian town of Prato in Tuscany has been recycling textiles for more than a century. There are around 7,000 textile and fashion companies in the town which recycled more than 140,000 tonnes of textiles alone in 2018 – 15 percent of the world's total.

    For CGTN Europe’s Trash or Treasure wen...

  • Is Vienna the future for waste disposal? - #TrashOrTreasure

    🇦🇹 🌱 #Vienna wants to keep its "World's Greenest City" title so everything is either recycled or incinerated within the city limits. Nothing gets exported for landfill, so it is extending its district heating and cooling system in order to fulfil its plan to become a climate model city.

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  • Vienna vs waste - #TrashorTreasure

    Vienna is often seen as a poster child for innovative waste management. Since the 1990s Austrians have dramatically cut the amount of waste they send to landfill sites – even passing laws to restrict their use.

    Recycling is encouraged but the city also incinerates large quantities of household ...

  • The Drina: a river of filth #TrashorTreasure

    After enthusiastically embracing the consumerist culture of the rest of Europe in the last decade, the Balkans region is facing a trash crisis as overflowing landfills run into rivers and clog dams. 🏞️

    Why has it taken so long to act on the problem of waste and Is Serbia’s investment in a waste...

  • #TrashOrTreasure - CGTN Europe (Promo)

    Without urgent action, the World Bank estimates that by 2050 we will be generating 3.4 billion tonnes of waste globally.

    So, what can governments, businesses and we as citizens do to curb this trend? And whose responsibility is it ultimately?

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  • Should I worry about clothing waste? - #TrashOrTreasure

    We have heard a lot about fast fashion and its damage to the environment but what about all the clothes we throw away?

    Carry Somers from Fashion Revolution talks about the consumers’ role in changing attitudes to clothes, innovations to prevent waste and how you can be the change you want to se...

  • The clothes that grow with your child - #TrashOrTreasure

    ♻️ Ryan Mario Yasin came up with a solution to prevent waste in the clothes industry. Inspired by aerospace engineering, Petit Pli’s has designed wearable technology that grows with your child.

    #petitpli #trashortreasure #fashion #parents #environment #waste

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  • Weapons of sound: A band with a difference

    ♻️ Gas pipes, a kitchen sink and a shopping trolley are just some of the discarded items that Weapons of Sound have repurposed to create music since 1993.

    Started as a youth club activity they soon found themselves taking their environmental message to audiences as diverse as European football ...

  • #TrashOrTreasure - Where does our waste go?

    ♻️ 🌍 Meet Natalie Carney - the face of #TrashOrTreasure - Where does our waste go? - An environmental special on the problems and solutions for Eropean trash.

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