The Agenda with Stephen Cole

The Agenda with Stephen Cole

Stephen Cole is an internationally acclaimed television presenter.

He has helped launch four international news channels – Sky News, CNN International, BBC World and Al Jazeera – and has chaired many international events.

He also created the world’s first IT show, Click Online, taking it around the world to 28 countries in seven years.

Stephen took a break from television to return to London, where he was appointed chairman of the Institute of Diplomacy and Business. After his three-year term ended, Stephen joined CGTN as executive producer and host of new talk show, The Agenda.

As well as presiding as a judge at the Royal Television Society News Awards and the BAFTAs, he has chaired discussions at the United Nations, setting the five-year agenda for UNESCO.

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The Agenda with Stephen Cole
  • Can fossil fuels survive? #TheAgenda

    According to a recent report by International Energy Forum, demand for gasoline is unlikely to ever return to pre-pandemic levels. So has Covid-19 provided an opportunity for the world to finally turn its back on dirty fossil fuels?

    Joseph McMonigle is the fifth Secretary General of the Internat...

  • The nuclear option #TheAgenda

    Around ten percent of the world's energy is currently provided by nuclear power.

    #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole speaks to Jonathan Cobb from the World Nuclear Association to see just where atomic energy fits into a future power solution.

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  • Powering the future #TheAgenda

    Oil fueled the 20th century—its cars, its wars, its economy and its geopolitics. As the US returns to the Paris Climate accord and President Biden pledged to cut carbon emissions by half by the end of 2030, the world is speeding up the shift to a new greener order. But what does that really mean?...

  • Where does our power come from? - #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole

    The world’s leaders appear to be competing to set their countries increasingly tough goals to cut emissions – President Biden promising to halve them in the US by the end of this decade. But just how tough a target is that? Here, Stephen Cole looks at just how the energy market currently breaks d...

  • Europe's plea for tourists to remain cautious - #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole

    The travel and tourism industry has lost an estimated $1.3 trillion dollars in export revenue from 2020 - more than 11 times the recorded loss during the 2009 global economic crisis.

    Half of the world’s worst affected countries are in Europe. Spain has seen its lowest number of annual visitors ...

  • Planes and the pandemic: The new Europe airline taking flight - #TheAgenda

    Travel restrictions have been devastating for the airline industry. It’s estimated aviation lost one $126 billion last year and will lose another $50 billion this year.
    They say beyond crisis comes opportunity, so despite the turbulence a new airline is preparing to take to the skies. Here, the ...

  • Hotel hiatus:Sir Rocco Forte on business struggles during lockdowns - #TheAgenda

    Travel restrictions wiped out more than $138B in accommodation turnover in 2020, ending a decade of growth. Restrictions on leisure and business travel caused a slump in accommodation activity of more than 50 percent in the EU and the U.K. Hotel rooms have been gathering dust for more than a year...

  • Greece aims to be ‘center of culture and sustainability’ - #TheAgenda

    As a country economically reliant on tourism, the pandemic travel restrictions have left Greece on its financial knees. Officials say they are willing to open to travellers from countries with strong vaccination programs, but just how prepared are they and what will be different about a Greek ret...

  • Travel and tourism: Back on the move? - The Agenda with Stephen Cole

    The trillion-dollar travel and tourism industry has been left in tatters by the pandemic. Just how much does that matter to global economies? Which countries are most reliant on spending from overseas visitors? And what challenges will the sector need to face whilst trying to get the world back o...

  • Travel & Tourism - The Agenda with Stephen Cole

    Before the pandemic tourism was growing faster than the world’s economy and travelling had never been easier. Then COVID-19 brought globetrotters to a halt and left the trillion-dollar industry in tatters. But with rapid vaccination bringing optimism, can the sector now get back on the move? How ...

  • The European Super League: An own goal for football?


    It looked like it could change the world of football forever.

    Twelve of the world's biggest clubs, including Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Chelsea and Juventus, announce they're starting their own European Super League – a league from which there would be no releg...

  • Consumers and electric cars #TheAgenda

    Björn Annwall is head of Volvo’s Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region and tells Stephen Cole how the Swedish car manufacturer plans to make electric-only vehicles by its 2030 deadline, as well as the challenge of convincing EV-hesitant consumers.

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  • Explainer: Switching to electric cars #TheAgenda

    From ditching diesel, making batteries and converting infrastructure; turning off the internal combustion engine ignition and switching to electric will transform the car industry. The Agenda’s Stephen Cole explains the challenges facing the accelerating global effort towards an electric-car futu...

  • Meet the man mining the ocean for electric car battery metals #TheAgenda

    There’s a hidden cost in the electric car boom and it’s the potential harm to our environment from methods used to mine the necessary metals to power them.

    Gerard Barron is CEO and Chairman of DeepGreen (soon to be known as The Metals Company) which recovers these metals from the ocean floor in...

  • Preparing Europe for an electric car revolution #TheAgenda​

    Can Europe switch towards clean energy? The electric car revolution is growing – but to work, it needs a widespread infrastructure update.

    Charging cars is more time-consuming, taking up to 12 hours or longer on bigger vehicles.

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  • The big Brexit break-up: What's next for the EU?

    Who are the winners and losers of Britain's departure? How will the current tensions affect the chances of cooperation in future? And could we see more EU members following in Britain's footsteps by leaving the bloc?

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  • How businesses are coping with Brexit #TheAgenda

    Trade is down between the EU and UK since Brexit with freight volumes falling 40 percent in January compared to the previous year but Eurochambres CEO Ben Butters says companies need to adapt.

    James Sibley, head of international affairs at the UK's Federation of Small Businesses, said: “The big...

  • Explainer: The first 100 days of Brexit - #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole

    Disputes over vaccine supply, sale of fresh shellfish and the Northern Ireland border issue - these subjects have been at the forefront of the Brexit conversation in the first 100 days.

    The Agenda's Stephen Cole looks at how the EU and UK can move forward with trade negotiations in a year that h...

  • The dangers of trade barriers in Europe's rollout - #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole

    Questions over efficacy, blood-clot fears, threats to block exports and sluggish supply - the distribution of vaccines has been causing major division across Europe, particularly between the EU and the UK. The European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has said AstraZeneca must honour its...

  • Explainer: Europe's vaccine rift - #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole

    Few events in time have called for an unapologetic effort of global cooperation more than the COVID-19 pandemic, yet many countries around the world have been treating ‘mission vaccination’ as a competition.

    With vaccine nationalism, differing rollout strategies and political tensions afoot, Th...

  • The true cost of vaccine protectionism - #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole

    The Agenda's Stephen Cole is joined by Pieter Cleppe, Editor-in-chief of Brussels Report and Professor Lawrence Young, virologist & specialist in molecular oncology at the University of Warwick to discuss the potential pitfalls of prioritising competition over cooperation in the distribution of C...

  • The Vaccine Rift - #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole

    Questions over efficacy, blood-clot fears, threats to block exports and sluggish supply - the distribution of vaccines has been causing major division across Europe, particularly between the EU and the UK. The European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has said AstraZeneca must honour its...

  • Productivity in numbers: Working together - #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole


    Of course as well as working from home or working from an office, there is a third option – the flexible co-working space.

    Proponents of these spaces say they could be the perfect bridge between home and office work – allowing for geographical flexibility whilst enabling work...

  • Home Vs Office: Bridging the work divide - #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole


    Studies have shown that more than 90 percent of people currently working from home during the pandemic are keen to continue to do so at least some of the time when it ends.

    But if that’s to work there are issues which both employers and employees are going to have to solve, mo...