The Agenda with Stephen Cole

The Agenda with Stephen Cole

Stephen Cole is an internationally acclaimed television presenter.

He has helped launch four international news channels – Sky News, CNN International, BBC World and Al Jazeera – and has chaired many international events.

He also created the world’s first IT show, Click Online, taking it around the world to 28 countries in seven years.

Stephen took a break from television to return to London, where he was appointed chairman of the Institute of Diplomacy and Business. After his three-year term ended, Stephen joined CGTN as executive producer and host of new talk show, The Agenda.

As well as presiding as a judge at the Royal Television Society News Awards and the BAFTAs, he has chaired discussions at the United Nations, setting the five-year agenda for UNESCO.

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The Agenda with Stephen Cole
  • #TheAgenda : Cooperation is the most powerful weapon against COVID-19

    To mark that milestone, on The Agenda this week, Stephen Cole sits down for an exclusive interview with Zhang Ming – China’s Ambassador to the European Union.

    The two discuss everything from trade and investment to climate change, multilateralism and, of course, the pandemic.



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    Stephen Cole speaks to Konstantina Toli, Senior Programme Officer, Global Water Partnership-Mediterranean who tells us why education is key if we are to end the problem of water security.

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