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“Global Business” is a daily global business news program that aims to combine reporting of economic and financial issues in North and South America with those from China and the Asian region.

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Global Business
  • Boat manufacturer hammered by rising tariffs

    The economy is likely to be a key issue for voters, not least those that work in manufacturing, an industry that is showing signs of a slowdown. One sector that is under pressure is boat building.

  • Uber launches new app to connect employers with temp staff

    Uber has launched a new app designed to connect workers with employers looking for temporary staff. Uber Works is being offered first in Chicago, before expanding to other cities.

  • New technology emerges at Silicon Valley’s RoboBusiness

    Robots are increasingly moving into the workplace. But they’ve still got a long way to go before being able to perform many jobs as well as humans.

  • Comic strip exhibition celebrates icons and heroes time forgot

    Original artwork of famous comic characters has gone on display at the U.S. Library of Congress. The exhibition charts 120 years of cartoons.
    And while there are scores of familiar faces, the exhibition also aims to honor those time forgot. CGTN’s Owen Fairclough reports.

  • Companies weigh costs of moving out of China

    Chinese factories, he added, have mastered the machining needed to mass-produce the cases. The country also has a strong network of ports, bridges, power grids and airlift needed to bring them to market.
    But that Chinese advantage is being eroded to some extent by U.S. tariffs that are making Ott...

  • US claims victory over international postage reform

    The United Nations body for international postage said it’s been saved from collapse after an emergency meeting to stop the U.S. pulling out.
    The Universal Postal Union voted to reform the fees countries pay to handle each other’s mail.

  • Kai-Fu Lee on the impact of AI on the workforce of today and the near future

    CGTN's John Terrett spoke with Kai-Fu Lee, CEO of Sinovation Ventures, about AI's impact on work and investing in AI companies.

  • Chiara Boni discusses sustainable fashion

    CGTN's Karina Huber spoke with the Italian designer Chiara Boni, before her show at New York Fashion Week. Chiara is the founder and creative director of Chiara Boni La Petite Robe. It recently became the only Italian brand, to receive the European Union's Product Environmental Footprint Certific...

  • Mexico City Ecoducto key in cleaning city air

    Scientists and environmentalists have warned of a growing global water shortage - that could threaten communities around the world. Programs and policies are being studied to avert a crisis situation. In Mexico City, one project is offering an example of how to manage the resource in one of the w...

  • Venezuelan professional turns to farming to support family

    Millions of Venezuelans have fled their country over the last three years, as the economic crisis there has made it difficult to buy even basic food supplies. Many of those who have left Venezuela are members of its professional class. One college professor changed course to make ends meet and t...

  • Latest tariffs will hit American women more than men

    When the Trump administration started the trade war with China more than a year ago, industrial imports were largely the target. But now consumers may be about to feel the pinch with women disproportionately impacted.

  • US shoemakers face losses over tariffs

    U.S. tariffs which took effect September 1, are hitting footwear for the first time, and have made some products 15% more expensive to import from China, where many shoes are made.

  • Harmful Algal Blooms shut down New Jersey’s biggest lake

    One analysis shows temperatures in the U.S. state of New Jersey have already risen by almost two degrees since 1895. It’s made the state’s biggest lake, Lake Hopatcong too dangerous to swim in. In the warm months, Lake Hopatcong, in the state of New Jersey is usually bustling with swimmers and b...

  • New Amazon fulfillment center uses tech to move goods

    More than a year after it opened, Amazon is giving outsiders a peek inside its fulfillment center in Thornton, Colorado. Hundreds of robotic drive units packed with millions of different products help picking associates, or “pickers”, fill customer orders.

  • Women work to reshape fashion industry

    Efforts to advance women in leadership positions in the fashion industry are underway.
    The designer behind the wildly successful brand Rebecca Minkoff is pushing to make that goal a reality both on and off the runway. CGTN’s Karina Huber caught up with Minkoff just before she unveiled her latest ...

  • Delivery apps cook up demand for new brands with virtual restaurants

    The restaurant industry is evolving quickly. Mobile devices have made ordering easier than ever, fueling demand for speedy on-demand service.

  • US-China trade war impacting American ginseng farmers

    The trade dispute between the U.S. and China has impacted a range of industries not least a large portion of U.S. farming. Among the commodities to be affected is ginseng, a product that is predominantly exported to China.

  • Businesses fight back over Amazon forest fires

    Brazil is one of the world’s biggest food suppliers, a top exporter of agricultural commodities like grains and beef. But at what environmental cost does this come? The recent fires in the Amazon brought this question to light globally.

  • Designers showcase collections inspired by Chinese dynasties

    Fashionistas are strutting their stuff in New York for New York Fashion Week. One show featured four emerging Chinese designers who showcased collections inspired by different Chinese dynasties. They are all a part of ICY, an e-commerce platform in China that partners with designers in a unique c...

  • US farmers turn to hemp as trade war rages

    In the gently rolling farmland of southern Virginia, there are the traditional crops like soybean, corn and tobacco. Lately a new crop is popping up as well: marijuana's straight-laced cousin hemp.

  • Ex-con finds rehabilitation in healthy ramen brand for prisoners

    Spending time behind bars can be a traumatic experience. But for some, it can put them on the path to recovery. That was the case for Ron Freeman who learned from his tough times in prison. He ended up becoming an entrepreneur in an unlikely industry—the instant noodle business.

  • Trade war shifts US trucking industry into reverse

    The ongoing U.S.-China trade war is impacting a wide range of industries. U.S. agriculture is taking an especially hard hit. That, in turn, is putting the breaks on America’s trucking industry.

  • Chinese electric mini truck wants US buyers

    Electric vehicles have grown in popularity thanks in part to companies like Tesla, Nissan and Chevrolet.
    But EV’s can be quite pricey, something Kaiyun Motors from China is steering clear of by with its simpler and more affordable vehicle.

  • "DeafSpace" - Architecture that works for the deaf community

    Members of the deaf community often struggle in buildings and spaces designed for hearing people, unaware of fire alarms or people knocking on doors. However, architects at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. are creating spaces that break down those barriers. The university, which is dedica...