Gaza-Israel Conflict

Gaza-Israel Conflict

Israel is at war with Hamas after the group launched a surprise attack from Gaza into Israel during the Jewish Sabbath and a major holiday.

In the attack, militants broke through the border fence, entered Israeli towns, and shot at civilians. At least 260 people were killed, including those attending an outdoor music festival. Over 100 civilians and soldiers were taken hostage and among them were children, elderly individuals, and American citizens, as reported by US and Israeli officials.

Gaza-Israel Conflict
  • Israel drops deadly white phosphorus in Gaza

    Human Rights Watch accused Israel on Oct. 13 of using white phosphorus munitions in its military operations in both Gaza and Lebanon -- a claim the Israeli Defense Forces has denied. White Phosphorus is used an incendiary weapon, designed to cause burn injuries to people using flames.

  • Thai workers trapped in Israel-Gaza conflict

    Far from Israel, families in Thailand are desperately awaiting word of their loved ones in Israel. At least 20 Thai migrant workers were among those killed in Israel on Saturday in a coordinated attack by Hamas militants, and many more are missing.

  • Gazans have no way out. Where will they go?

    Israel is telling over 1 million civilians to leave the north of Gaza, but where will they go?

    From Hamas' surprise attack to the bombardment of civilians in the besieged Gaza Strip; take a look as the conflict between Israel and Gaza unfolds.

  • How can you help the victims of this conflict

    How can you help aid victims in Gaza and those affected by this conflict?

  • Pro-Palestinian supporters in Brazil and Chile

    Supporters for peace and Palestine are rallying in South America. Following days of violence, protesters are calling on the international community to help.

  • Is U.S. diplomacy faltering?

    CGTN America spoke with Ambassador Gerald Feierstein, who served as a former U.S. Ambassador to Yemen and Deputy Consul General in Jerusalem about U.S. diplomacy in the Middle East.

  • Stampede in Florida during vigil for Israel

    Some students were injured while trying to run away from a vigil for Israel at the University of Florida. What caused some the students to panic?

  • Was Iran involved in the attack?

    Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has denied accusations that his country played a role in the Hamas attack that killed over 1,000 people in Israel on the morning of Oct. 7. Tuesday's speech marked the first time since the Oct. 7 Hamas attack that the Iranian leader has spoken publicly.

  • The heavy human toll of war

    As Israeli warplanes reduce neighborhoods in the Gaza Strip to rubble and Hamas threatens to start executing captives, one segment of both populations is paying a steep price for a war most of them wanted no part in.

  • Israel hammers Gaza in retaliation

    Israeli forces struck 800 targets across Gaza and killed hundreds of Hamas fighters, an Israeli military spokesperson said on Sunday.
    Some militants were still inside Israel more than 24 hours after Saturday’s surprise assault, the spokesperson said. Dozens had been captured.
    The death toll in Is...

  • How Hamas breached into Israel

    For #Palestinians living in #Gaza, the buzz of Israeli surveillance #drones is a constant. Despite the total Gaza #blockade and the highly secured border, the assault by the militant group #Hamas on Oct. 7 still caught #Israel off guard. How did that happen?

  • Is Lebanon getting dragged into this conflict?

    The Oct. 7 attack by Hamas on Israel and the subsequent Israeli retaliation is potentially pulling other regional players into the conflict. Lebanon’s Hezbollah pledged the group’s ‘guns and rockets’ to the Palestinians. Is the conflict expanding beyond Gaza?

  • Complicated hostage situation

    The dramatic Hamas assault launched against Israel has led to a high body count in Gaza and in Israel. But reports that Hamas has captured scores of hostages, including German and Mexican nationals, has complicated Israel’s response to the onslaught of the war. Here’s the latest.

  • Scottish leader's in-laws trapped in Gaza

    Scottish leader Humza Yousaf, the first minister of Scotland, said on Oct. 10 that his in-laws are currently trapped in Gaza as the Israeli offensive on the region continues following a surprise attack by the Palestinian militant group Hamas over the weekend.

    He and his wife have been worried s...