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  • Full Frame: Peace of Art

    Throughout history, artists have poured their hearts into their work, expressing everything from pure joy to profound pain. Whether it's through exhibitions, concerts, or plays, they lay bare our deepest emotions. But can tough times also fuel creativity? In this episode of Full Frame, we'll dive...

  • Full Frame: Indigenous Rights

    Despite their differences, indigenous people around the world have faced similar problems – Violence, social inequalities, and threats to their way of life and traditional lands. Interviews with Nikki Santos, executive director of the Aspen Institute's Center for Native American Youth, and Qivioq...

  • Full Frame: Ancient Chinese Art

    We explore fascinating discoveries in ancient Chinese art with the Smithsonian's National Museum of Asian Art curator Keith Wilson and conservator Grace Jan.

  • Full Frame: Plastic Pollution

    Plastic waste has doubled in the past two decades. With growing concerns of microplastics and their impact on health and the environment, how can the world curb plastic pollution? Interviews with marine ecologist Dr. Jesse Meiller of Georgetown University & Dr. Manasa Mantravadi, pediatrician and...

  • 10 Years of Full Frame

    Full Frame is marking a special milestone in 2024. The episode looks back at some of our most captivating and thought-provoking interviews over the past decade. Interviews with Bill Gates, James Cameron, Sylvia Earle, Angelique Kidjo, Forest Whitaker, and many more.

  • Full Frame: Second Chances

    A study by the Prison Policy Initiative indicates that individuals with prior convictions face a tenfold increase in the likelihood of experiencing homelessness. This risk is exacerbated for people of color and women. How can we address and alleviate this pressing issue? In this episode of Full F...

  • Full Frame: Understanding Mental Health

    Is mental health the next global public health crisis? Interviews with psychologists Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble and Dr. Fallon Goodman

  • Full Frame: Sustainable Food

    By 2050, we will need 56 percent more food to feed 10 billion people. How can we create a sustainable food system without using more land? Full Frame speaks to Florence Reed of Sustainable Harvest International and Sage Lenier of Sustainable & Just Future.

  • Full Frame: Aging Well

    As longevity increases, how can people’s quality of life continue into their later years? Full Frame speaks to Dr. Jeremy Walston of the Human Aging Project and Dr. Frank Lin of the Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public Health, both at Johns Hopkins University.

  • Full Frame: The Future of Education

    Education is the foundation upon which we build the future of our society. Historically, a luxury, today education is a critical part of our modern world. But is everyone getting their fair shake? In this episode of Full Frame we look at how we are teaching the next generation, where we are succe...

  • Full Frame: The Future of Cities

    New York and London are among the world’s most renowned and populace cities. Historically two of the world’s fastest developing cities, these cultural capitals once again find themselves on the frontiers of the world of Architecture. Full Frame speaks with architects, city planners and real-estat...

  • Full Frame: Promoting Inclusion

    Xenophobia has existed for years. Prejudice, discrimination and bigotry can lead to racism against individuals because of their language, ethnicity or religion. When it comes to children, it can have a significant wear-and-tear effect on their developing brains. In Latin America, a woman focuses ...

  • Full Frame: APEC Leaders' Meeting

    It's one of the most important multilateral economic meetings of the year, The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit. Interviews with Peru's Trade Minister Juan Carlos Mathews, former UN World Food Program Director Ertharin Cousin, and Malaysia Venture Capital Management's COO Noor Amy Ismail.

  • Full Frame: Hidden Stories

    Full Frame speaks to three individuals who have put their heart and soul into uncovering stories hidden away for years, and in some cases, generations. Interviews with filmmaker Violet Feng, author Allison Gilbert and urban explorer Evan Woodard of Salvage Arc.

  • Full Frame: Iraq- - 20 Years After the U.S. Invasion

    Full Frame looks back at 20 years since the start of a conflict that resulted in the destruction of most of the infrastructure and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians. Interviews with Raed Jarrar of Democracy for the Arab World Now and Zainab Al-Suwaij of the American Islamic Congress.

  • Full Frame: Asian American Artists

    From art to literature to music, Asian-American artists have been underrepresented in the American mainstream. But that's changing. We meet three creatives who are transforming their fields: Cellist and composer Tina Guo, author Tom Lin and artist Bianca Romero.

  • Full Frame: Communicating Through Music

    From the dawn of time Music has been used to communicate how we feel. Full Frame examines how we use our voices and instruments to communicate, heal, and tell our stories.

  • Full Frame: Healing Gun Violence Trauma

    Host Mike Walter speaks to Ryane Nickens, activist and founder of The Traron Center,and Dave Cullen, author of the books "Columbine" and "Parkland".

  • Full Frame: Peace Seekers

    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of the Art of Living, and Hernan Perez, Ecuador’s ambassador to the United Nations, discuss finding paths to peace.

  • Full Frame: Men of Letters

    Heavy weights in the world of literature meet in Cartagena every year. This port city in the Caribbean region of Colombia anchors itself in letters through intriguing novels and journalistic literature. What has been the result of this combination? In this episode of Full Frame, we speak with Jai...

  • Full Frame: Shaping Afghanistan

    After decades of war, Afghanistan faces a struggling economy and unstable security. How are Afghans navigating the aftermath of two decades of U.S. occupation and now rule under a new government? Host Mike Walter interviews Afghan artist Omaid Sharifi of ArtLords and journalist Jeff Stern, author...

  • Full Frame: The Future of Work

    COVID-19 saw changes in the way society did nearly everything. From how people ordered their food, boarded their flights, to even how they completed their daily work tasks. The pandemic saw a 22% rise in granted patents globally, and with Ai infiltrating nearly every facet of the imaginable workf...

  • Full Frame: Innovations of Tomorrow

    Interviews with Benson Chan of Strategy of Things and Enass Abo-Hamed of H2GO Power

  • Full Frame: Sustainable Development

    The effects of climate change are making sustainable growth a priority in many places around the world. Featuring interviews with the Wilson Center's Jennifer Turner and the Arctic Economic Council's Mads Frederiksen.