Foodwise is an original series created by the Travelogue team at CGTN. With the distinctive food of China as the main theme, we explore the story and people behind iconic dishes, and how they’re emblematic of the vitality and spirit of their hometown, as well as the Chinese nation at large.

  • Foodwise: Declicious Wuzhen

    Join our hosts Tianran He and Eva May as they explore the boisterous event of Wuzhen's International Theatre Festival, with colorful features of both theatrical and culinary nature. Foodie Tianran and art-lover Eva are accompanied by ubiquitous local street food, daily carnival performances and m...

  • Foodwise: Beer by the sea in Qingdao

    In this episode, Tianran He and Eva May venture to Qingdao, China's beer mecca by the sea. With red tiles and green trees that make up the city's stunning scenery, our hosts embark on another foodie-journey with local delicacies and interesting guest appearances. From drinking beer with a German ...

  • Foodwise: Beijing's Hutongs

    The Hutongs in Beijing are considered the city's blood vessels, as these traditional alleyways make up the DNA of the capital for its rich history and culture.

    In this episode, Tianran He and Eva May zigzag their way through the Hutongs and the Forbidden City for a mouth-watering experience full...

  • Foodwise: Changsha

    In this episode, our hosts Tianran He and Eva May embark on a journey to Changsha in Hunan Province. They taste their way through the local cuisine, discover the city's latest art and fashion trends, and find out why this place is one of China's "influencer hotspots", attracting millions of domes...

  • Foodwise: Beijing

    From the local delicacies of Beijing's Ox Street to the latest hangouts and contemporary cuisine of the Chinese capital, hosts Tianran He and Eva May will give you a true taste of Beijing, and the fascinating stories and people behind them.