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The hydrogen-powered cars vying to overtake electric rivals

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Why UK demand for electric vehicles is weak

CGTN Europe • 2m 59s

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  • The hydrogen-powered cars vying to ov...

    Riversimple, a company in Wales, is aiming to offer customers hydrogen-powered cars on a subscription-only basis that will cover fuel and insurance for short journeys.

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  • Electric cars, batteries and charging...

    To make a battery for an electric vehicle, manufacturers need rare minerals including cobalt, carbon, lithium, manganese and vanadium.

    Juliet Mann explains how these are sourced, transported and assembled to make the batteries inside the cars of the future.

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  • Countries with past environmental deb...

    “Developed countries with a couple of hundred years of industrialization behind them and historical environmental debts should take the lead in reducing emissions sustainably, and make bigger contributions to tackling pollution and protecting the environment instead of pinning the responsibilitie...