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  • How Norway is driving its EV boom

    Norway is leading the European drive to become carbon neutral. With over 75% of all car sales being electric thanks to government subsidies and a rapidly expanding infrastructure, many of its neighbors are watching with interest to see what lessons can be learnt.

  • Filling Europe's EV supply shortfall

    Let’s go green! ♻️

    Electric vehicles designed in China are becoming more popular in Europe.

    Find out why some of Germany’s biggest auto brands are now facing competition from the likes of Aiways 🚗


  • Chinese brands eye Norway's EV boom

    Norway has the world's highest proportion of electric car sales, with experts predicting the country's last combustion car to be sold as early as next April.

    It's no surprise then that electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers are keen to move in – including three of China's biggest EV brands; BYD, Ni...

  • The UK rejects calls to bolster COVID-19 restrictions

    Despite cases expected to reach 100,000 a day in the winter and calls from health authorities to reintroduce COVID-19 restrictions, Health Secretary Sajid Javid has said now is not the time to trigger the UK's “Plan B.”

    Andrew Wilson explains why the nation, which has one of the world’s highest ...

  • Why UK demand for electric vehicles is weak

    Oil company Shell has confirmed it will roll out 50,000 new electric vehicle charging points across the UK as the country races to meet ambitious climate targets. 🚗

    The government wants to ban the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles from 2030 but demand for electric vehicles remains sluggish. #...

  • The hydrogen-powered cars vying to overtake electric rivals

    Riversimple, a company in Wales, is aiming to offer customers hydrogen-powered cars on a subscription-only basis that will cover fuel and insurance for short journeys.

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  • Electric cars, batteries and charging: An introduction

    To make a battery for an electric vehicle, manufacturers need rare minerals including cobalt, carbon, lithium, manganese and vanadium.

    Juliet Mann explains how these are sourced, transported and assembled to make the batteries inside the cars of the future.

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  • Countries with past environmental debt 'should make bigger climate contribution'

    “Developed countries with a couple of hundred years of industrialization behind them and historical environmental debts should take the lead in reducing emissions sustainably, and make bigger contributions to tackling pollution and protecting the environment instead of pinning the responsibilitie...

  • Europe's first Sinopharm vaccine factory under construction in Serbia

    At the ceremony for the start of the #Sinopharm #vaccine factory’s construction, Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, praised the collaboration with China.

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  • Madrid zoo helping to increase Giant Panda population

    🐼🐼These cute month-old twin panda babies won’t face the public at their Madrid zoo until April.

    But you can have a sneak peak now 👇

  • Winter sports will be pushed to a new level by Beijing 2022

    Beijing 2022 will bring:

    ⛷️ Greater participation in winter sport
    💖 Hope that the pandemic can be overcome
    📺 Higher profile for winter sport
    🌏 Proof that sustainability = success

    Says Olympics' Chief 👇

  • What is metaverse?

    Facebook says it is going to hire 10,000 people in the European Union to build a “metaverse,” saying that it sees the virtual reality version of the internet as the future.Joseph Evans from EndersAnalysis explained what it’s all about.

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  • China accounts for half the world's electric car sales

    From $4,500 mini city-cars to vehicles that convert into private cinemas, China’s electric car sector is booming.

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    #PlugIn 🔌 🚗

  • Could Austria's electric vehicles help power the national grid?

    Austrian research project ’car2flex’ has decided to look at ways for 🚗vehicles to give a little back - when they're not being driven. #plugin

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  • Hungary's disappearing glass masters

    James Carcass keeps his furnace running at 1100 degrees Celsius for weeks, working around the clock to keep it burning 🔥 as he struggles to maintain Hungary's disappearing glass blowing tradition.

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  • The UK seed bank investing in our future

    🌱In the Sussex countryside in the UK, complete with a visitor's center and coffee shop, lies the Millennium Seed Bank, the heart of humanity's investment in future growth.
    "We've got the smallest seed in the world and biggest seed in the world," Tim Pearce, a senior partnership coordinator, revea...

  • Vaccine passports now compulsory for all workers in Italy

    It’s official. Italy has just become the first country in Europe to make its vaccine passport compulsory for all workers.

    Hermione Kitson reports from Rome:

  • Trying to stop Spain from turning into a desert through agriculture

    Desertification is a growing problem across Europe - driven by a combination of over-farming and climate change.

    One of the worst-hit regions is southern Spain, home to the country's $60 billion agriculture industry.

    Spain's south suffers from the lack of frequent rainfall, it is one of the dri...

  • UK lawmaker David Amess dies after being stabbed, man arrested

    UK lawmaker David Amess has died after being stabbed during his regular session where he meets voters, police have announced.

    A 25-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

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  • Britain-China botanical relationship vital to preserving plant diversity

    🌳 🧬 From fighting tree pathogens to DNA barcoding the world’s plants... how the 30-year partnership between Britain’s The Botanics and China’s Kunming Institute of Botany is proving crucial in understanding and conserving plant diversity.

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  • Construction begins on Budapest to Belgrade railway

    As construction workers cut up railway tracks in southern Hungary, the country marked its latest move toward becoming a European logistics hub.

    The Budapest to Belgrade railway is the first major infrastructure project in Europe for China's Belt and Rail Initiative and the second most expensive...

  • Bavaria's historic move to save biodiversity and the bees

    40% of insect species are in decline. For humans, it’s particularly urgent to save the 🐝#COP15

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  • Austria's Sebastian Kurz scandal: Poll researcher arrested

    Two days after Alexander Schallenberg replaced Sebastian Kurz as Austria's chancellor, an arrest in the investigation against Kurz and his team is causing a stir.

    Opinion poll researcher Sabine Beinschab was reportedly taken into custody Tuesday morning amid accusations she played a role in the ...

  • Accept climate change, accept need to adapt, say UK conservationists

    Two hundred years ago river banks across the UK were strengthened to protect housing and other human-built areas.

    But now environmentalists are knocking some of these down, and recreating wetlands that they hope will boost biodiversity. 🐥🐛

    As the UN Biodiversity Conference starts in Kunming, C...