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  • Grape expectations: The British wine success story

    This English vineyard is struggling to keep up with demand as English wine,🍷 once shunned by aficionados, is seeing a revival. Climate change is partly the reason.

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  • Residents evacuated and Acropolis shut as fires edge closer to Athens

    People are fleeing their homes as they receive warning notifications and iconic sites are shutting down as the fires which have torn through Greece approach the city of Athens.

    Fires are sweeping across southern Europe in amid blazing temperatures.

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  • Passengers from U.S. and EU arrive in UK as travel restrictions ease

    Reunited at last! For the first time in nearly two years, Karen Tyler got to hug her son as he arrived in the UK from the U.S.

    He is just one of many people coming home for the first time in years as travel restrictions ease.

    Watch Nawied Jabarkhyl’s report from London to learn more: https://...

  • Germany prepares to return looted African artefacts to Nigeria

    The Benin Bronzes are going home. British soldiers stole the Nigerian artefacts in the 19th century before some made their way to Germany.

    But now Germany is going to return them to their home country.

    Trent Murray reports from Berlin.

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  • Wildfires engulf Turkey's Turquoise Coast

    Hundreds of tourists were among those evacuated by sea from hotels along Turkey's southern coast as wildfires cut off access to roads around the town.

    It is just one of many harrowing stories coming out of Turkey.

    Louise Greenwood reports.

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  • Greece heatwave - Temperatures expected to hit 45 degrees Celsius

    Southern Europe is on fire! To date 45 wildfires have started in Greece, 162 fires have broken out in Sicily, and Turkey is still fighting flames that have killed six people and injured hundreds.

    Here Evangelo Sipsas brings the latest news from Greece.

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  • How surfing is helping to improve kids' mental health

    The pandemic has led health experts to warn of a mental health crisis, and there are concerns over the capabilities of care systems to cope.

    CGTN Europe went to Cornwall in the UK to meet a charity taking a different approach to mental health care for young people.

    The Wave Project (https://w...

  • Rome welcomes its first female traffic director in 40 years

    The traffic officer at the Piazza Venezia in Rome is a famous icon of the city. But now, for the first time in 40 years, a woman is taking the podium.

    Hermione Kitson reports from Rome to learn more:

  • Volkswagen AG reports over $13.5 billion record breaking mid-year profit

    Electric cars helped drive Volkswagen to record profits for the first six months of 2021.

    Ryan Thompson reports from Frankfurt to learn more👇

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  • Southern Europe ablaze as wildfires sweep across continent

    It has been a summer of wildfires so far across Europe and fire services are battling against tinderbox conditions following a dry winter, strong winds and high temperatures.

    CGTN Europe correspondent Rahul Pathak reports from Madrid:

  • Chinese technology helps cut emissions at Serbia plant

    The city of Bor in Serbia is home to one of Europe’s largest copper mines and it has a serious pollution problem.

    But that may all be about to change as Chinese company Zijin Mining invests in eco-revitalization projects.

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  • Discover the man and town that created the modern Olympics

    You may be aware that the Olympics originate from sporting events in Ancient Greece, but did you also know that a doctor from the small English town of Much Wenlock helped inspire the modern games? 🏟

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  • Wild orchids under serious threat from black market trade

    How do you identify an endangered orchid? That’s one of the problems making it hard to protect these once convicted flowers, many of which are close to extinction.

    Juliet Mann went to Kew Gardens in London to learn more.

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  • Donations pour in for Germany's flood victims

    The German government has been under fire from people who believe its warning system failed when floods hit the country.

    But they have responded quickly to try to ensure it doesn’t happen again. 🇩🇪

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  • Demonstrations across Europe as governments push vaccine programs

    European countries are debating how much they can nudge their populations towards vaccinations, but it has led to a string of demonstrations across the continent this weekend.

    Protest in Paris on Saturday escalated to sporadic clashes between demonstrators and the police.

    Read more: https://n...

  • Hungarian fruit and vegetable farms face closure over labor shortage

    🍒 Hungarian farmers are struggling to find enough workers to harvest fruit and vegetables, with more than $190 million worth of crops going to waste each year.

    In Ujfeherto, an agricultural area in Hungary's north, the effect of a lack of labor is apparent – cherry pickers rushing to pick the s...

  • How lockdowns improved the hospitality industry - The Agenda with Stephen Cole

    Hospitality has by no means escaped the economic hardship caused by the pandemic. In fact, some say it was the sector worst hit. Hotels, restaurants and bars have all had to rethink the way they operate to become compatible with this post-Covid world. So how have they been adapt...

  • RETAIL THERAPY: Saving the high street - The Agenda with Stephen Cole

    The changes forced on the retail industry go far beyond one-way systems and limited capacity in shops. Naturally, the online-shopping boom saw increased convenience through features like digital dressing rooms, as well as extending returns as uncertainty continued.
    Covid has exc...

  • Environmentalists attribute floods that devastated Germany to climate change

    "We're seeing these extreme weather events around the world. You start to realise something is wrong, something is off balance, and there is good reason to believe that we [humanity] are the problem."

    That’s one climate scientist reacting to last week’s floods in Germany.

    Read more: https://ne...

  • UK's move to open up despite high COVID-19 rates 'literally madness'

    The UK government's decision to lift all COVID-19 restrictions in England at a time when case numbers remain near record highs, has been described as an "immense gamble with people's lives," by a public health expert from University College London.

    Robert West, emeritus professor of health psych...

  • Europe responds to deal to finish the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline

    Germany and the U.S. have agreed a deal to allow the completion of the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline, a deal welcomed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel but condemned by Ukraine and Poland.

    The $11 billion pipeline will transport gas from Russia's Arctic region to Germany, bypassing Ukrai...

  • The cost of Germany's worst natural disaster in living memory

    Relief operations across western Germany have entered their eighth day, with communities across the region still counting the full cost of the flooding disaster.

    Towns and villages across the states of Rhineland Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia were hardest hit in the flash floods, which f...

  • France investigates claims Emmanuel Macron targeted in Pegasus spyware scandal

    French President Emmanuel Macron convened an urgent national security meeting on Thursday to discuss the claim that his own phone was identified as a potential target of the Pegasus spyware created by Israeli firm NSO.

    French media reported that the Moroccan authorities wanted to spy on Macron ...

  • COVID-19 cases in the Netherlands slow down after 500% surge

    🇳🇱Within two weeks of the Netherlands easing almost all COVID-19 restrictions on June 26, the number of cases in the country rose by 500 percent.😷 But, thanks to more than 18 millions of doses administered so far in the country, hospitals look set to avoid being overwhelmed by patients.💉🏥