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  • Africa's extinction emergency

    Africa is home to some of the world's most endangered species, including mountain gorillas, Grevy’s zebra, and Ethiopian wolf. It is also home to the Congo basin, a huge carbon sink which benefits global oxygen flow.

    But these animal numbers and natural resources are in sharp decline. That’s why...

  • The impact of postponing COP15

    The world’s largest biodiversity summit, COP15 was due to take place in Kunming, China in May but pandemic concerns meant it was pushed back yet again to October 2021.

    The summit will see scientists, NGOs and policy makers come together to thrash out the scientific and financial elements of the...

  • What is China's role in the biodiversity conversation?

    The 15th Conference of Parties will take place in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province.

    China is home to 10% of the world’s plant species and 14% of its animals but can it act as a global champion of biodiversity? And how crucial is China in the fight against habitat loss?

    Dimitri De Boer, ...

  • Israel prepares ground operation in Gaza as clashes spark fear of civil war

    Israel is preparing combat troops and is in "various stages of preparing ground operations," according to an Israeli military spokesman, a move that would recall similar incursions during the Israel-Gaza wars in 2014 and 2008-2009.

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  • Hungary begins vaccinating teens as young as 16

    Hungary's COVID-19 vaccination program has hit another milestone, with teenagers aged 16 to 18 getting their jabs. The country is one of the first in the world to begin vaccinating the age group, who will have greater freedom as soon as they can show immunity cards.

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  • COVID-19 positive impact on biodiversity

    Amid the devastation it caused, the COVID-19 pandemic has also reminded us of the importance of nature in our life.🌳🐶

    In October experts from across the globe are due to gather in China for the world's largest biodiversity summit - COP15. Elizabeth Mrema, Executive Secretary for the UN's Convent...

  • Germany's vaccine roll-out on track after sluggish start

    Germany's COVID-19 vaccination campaign has gathered pace – the number of jabs given has more than doubled since late March and the nation is now on track to inoculate more than 5 million people each week.

    One-third of the population has had at least one dose of an European Medicines Agency (EM...

  • France's on-the-day bookings for spare vaccines

    Over-18s can now sign up for COVID-19 vaccines for the following day if there are spare jabs.

    The French government hopes that the move will accelerate it’s COVID-19 vaccination programme, as it aims to have 20 million people vaccinated with their first dose by mid-May.

  • Ballymurphy inquest finds 10 victims shot dead in 1971 were innocent

    An inquest has found that 10 victims killed in Belfast, Northern Ireland, during a British army operation in 1971 were unarmed, innocent civilians who did not pose a threat to soldiers.

    Nine of the dead were killed by soldiers using ‘unjustified force.’ However, the inquest could not conclude w...

  • Hungary's secondary school students return to classrooms for first time in 2021

    Hungary's secondary school students are back in the classroom for the first time since COVID-19 restrictions sent them home in November 2020.

    After six months away, students at Burattino School on the outskirts of Budapest were excited to be back in the classroom. For many pupils, Monday's less...

  • Accor develops WeChat app for Chinese customers in 'key market'

    South China's Hainan province is shaping up to be a new holiday hub in Asia – but could European consumers and sunseekers soon be flocking to the country's "tourism project" on the island? That's the hope of European hotels group Accor, which has invested heavily there.

    Patrick Mendes, the comp...

  • Row between Europe and AstraZeneca continues

    The row between Europe and AstraZeneca is back on the burner. Europe on Tuesday launched a second lawsuit against the vaccine maker after it massively under-delivered on promised COVID-19 doses.

    But this suit comes less than a month after the Commission launched summary proceedings against the ...

  • Spain urges UK to allow holidaymakers to return in June

    Spain has ended its state of alarm but is it enough to save the tourism industry from another disastrous summer?

    FEHM is urging the UK to make special dispensation for regions and islands with low infection rates such as Mallorca.

    Are you planning a summer holiday this year or will you stay at...

  • EU launches online participation platform

    🇪🇺 The EU launched a digital platform to hear from its 450 million citizens, but only half of them have an interest in the project and just 7,000 people took part last week.

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  • Why fossil fuel companies still have a role to play: Shell

    As the world looks to alternative sources of energy, companies known until now as oil and gas giants are being forced to rethink their operations. Shell, for example, says it wants to be a net zero emissions energy business by 2050 or possibly sooner, and needs to meet increasing customer demand ...

  • Can fossil fuels survive? #TheAgenda

    According to a recent report by International Energy Forum, demand for gasoline is unlikely to ever return to pre-pandemic levels. So has Covid-19 provided an opportunity for the world to finally turn its back on dirty fossil fuels?

    Joseph McMonigle is the fifth Secretary General of the Internat...

  • The new power generation #TheAgenda

    Of course, the hope is that one day the world will be able to be powered by entirely renewable, clean and green energy sources, but how likely is that to happen? And perhaps more importantly, when?

    Here, Stephen Cole speaks to the director general of the International Renewable Energy Agency, Fr...

  • EU and India relaunch free trade talks after eight year suspension

    The EU and India announced that they will relaunch trade talks that were originally suspended back in 2013, with potential benefits for both sides.

    A 2020 study estimated the benefits of a trade deal between Brussels and New Delhi could be worth $10.2 billion.

    The timing of the announcement a...

  • Hungary backs Chinese vaccine use

    🇭🇺 Hungary has one of the highest COVID-19 vaccination rates in the European Union, and that’s largely because it was the first EU country to use both the Russian and Chinese vaccines.

    😷 Now the Hungarian prime minister is going to ask other EU leaders to push through the approval of all vacci...

  • Tesco and Lidl among retailers warning Brazil over Amazon rainforest protections

    Brazil's government is under pressure. Not from its own people, nor a foreign power, but from a group of European retailers.

    Companies including Aldi, Lidl, Tesco, Metro and Ahold Delhaize are threatening to stop buying agricultural products from the country unless a law they say threatens the c...

  • Food insecurity five-year high 'down to COVID-19, conflict and extreme weather'

    🔴 Food insecurity is getting worse amid COVID-19, conflict and extreme weather. In numbers that means in 2020, 20m more people suffered from food insecurity than in 2019.

    And 133,000 of those people were at a "catastrophic" phase of food insecurity.

    CGTN Europe spoke to Luca Russo from the Fo...

  • EU 'ready to discuss' vaccine patent waivers after U.S. backs the idea

    🇪🇺 💉 Europe is "ready to discuss" a proposal to temporarily waive intellectual property rights on COVID-19 vaccines, marking what could be a major shift in the bloc's stance on the issue and the push for global vaccination.

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  • Poland suffers setback in dispute with EU

    Poland's legal case has been set back in an ongoing dispute with the European Union over sweeping reforms of the country's judicial system. A non-binding opinion presented in the EU Court of Justice is the latest development in a clash between Poland's ruling party and the bloc, over powers the r...

  • Vaccinated in Germany to be exempt from COVID-19 curfews and quarantines

    Germany is at odds over a controversial new law that would exempt fully vaccinated people from strict restrictions put in place to fight Covid-19.

    Less than 10 percent of the population is considered fully vaccinated and a majority of people not yet been eligible to make an appointment.

    The law...