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  • Panda cub stars on public debut at Dutch zoo

    Fan Xing, a male giant panda who was born this spring in the Netherlands, showed himself to the world for the first time on Friday.

    The happy parents are Wu Wen and Xing Ya, who China gifted to the Dutch royal family during a state visit to Beijing in 2015.

    The pandas arrived in Ouwehands Die...

  • Barcelona 'smart' sewers could flush out key virus information

    The European Union is backing a plan for a 'smart water society' using the data for the benefit of the community, including predicting future COVID-19 outbreaks.

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  • Sirio, the seven-year-old Italian influencer challenging disability stereotypes

    Sirio was born premature and healthy in August 2013 and after 50 days (only 8 at home) a "cot death" tried to take him away.

    He really didn’t want to go as he had a mission: inform and spread positivity around disability.

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  • It's time for a global digital tax: OECD chief

    Angel Gurria tells CGTN's Global Business Europe that the pandemic means countries need to figure out a fair system to make technology giants pay their way and discusses what other measures will help bring the world out of its slump.

  • British musician plays to help struggling troop in Thailand

    Billions of people around the world have been impacted by COVID19 but also billions of animals still need care and support.

  • China’s ‘flawless’ #Chang’e-5 launch opens a door to the future

    China has launched an unmanned spacecraft to the moon as it attempts to become the first nation in more than 40 years to bring back lunar rocks and soil for scientific analysis.

    The Chang'e-5 mission, named after the ancient Chinese goddess of the moon, blasted off on Tuesday from the Wenchang S...

  • UK bookshops suffer during pandemic

    While lockdowns have got many people reading, closed bookshops are struggling to sell under COVID-19 restrictions 📚

    Should bookshops be classified as ‘essential’ stores?

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  • Inside an Italian hospital fighting the second wave of COVID-19

    “After 30 years in this job, I never could have imagined what has happened ... the severity of the patients in the second wave is the same as the first.” 😷 said Giuseppe Natalini, the intensive care director at the Fondazione Poliambulanza di Brescia hospital.

    This week we went to an intensive ...

  • Business claim over billion dollars from "Eat Out To Help Out"

    The government gave out $1.1 billion to aid the hospitality sector which offered discount meals but the scheme has been blamed for helping COVID-19 to spread.

    Hermione Kitson from Italy reports for CGTN Europe

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  • COVID-19 leaves Serbian healthcare system on verge of collapse

    The Balkans has quietly become the European epicenter of the second wave of COVID-19, with Serbia's healthcare system on the verge of collapse.

    Two new temporary hospitals are being hastily constructed in the capital Belgrade, as Serb authorities struggle to contain the crisis.

    Serbia is now of...

  • Decision to temporarily close Budapest bike scheme criticized

    🚲 Budapest’s Mol Bubi public bike scheme has been halted for an upgrade causing anger over the timing in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. A study has shown that 25 percent of coronavirus deaths in Hungary are linked to air pollution.

    Linda Kennedy reports:

  • German ski resorts count the cost of COVID-19 closures

    Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is calling for all 16 federal states to close their ski resorts until early January and is asking all EU nations to do the same.

    While the move is being made to protect public health, those in the ski and winter sport industry in Germany’s southern state of Bav...

  • Assessing urban light pollution's worrying impact on the natural world

    💡 Artificial light from towns and cities is part of modern life but it is having a big impact on nature. A study from Exeter University has found it seriously disrupts patterns of animal and plant life 🌱

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