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  • Classical concert to celebrate 50th anniversary of China-Germany ties

    In a collaboration to mark 50 years of diplomacy between China and Germany, members of the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin and China National Opera House have produced a classical concert that celebrates the heritage of both nations.

  • Ukrainian emergency services stage radiation drills

    With fears over the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, Ukrainians have been carrying out radiation safety drills – hazmat suits and all.

  • Has fish and chips been replaced in British hearts? 🐟 🍟

    It’s the classic national dish of the UK - but has fish and chips been replaced in British hearts? 🐟 🍟

  • France rejects Mali's allegations it sent weapons/intelligence to armed groups

    France has condemned what it describes as "obviously unfounded accusations" made by Malian foreign minister Abdelaye Diop, in a letter sent to the United Nations Security Council.

    Mali accused its former colonizer of supplying ‘weapons’ and collecting ‘intelligence for the benefit of terrorist g...

  • Coal-free EU by 2050

    Could the EU’s coal-free 2050 goal be missed as Russian gas is cut?

    The Climate Action Network is worried.

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  • Southern Ukraine preparing for showdown

    Central Mykolaiv residents are being warned: a major battle looms between Ukraine and Russia in southern Ukraine. A strategic front will be Kherson, a few dozen kilometers away.

    To best safeguard against imminent danger, residents still living in Mykolaiv are being advised to get out of the cit...

  • Spain presses ahead with energy restrictions despite opposition

    Battle over Spain’s energy restrictions set to go to court.

    Ross Cullen on the latest from Madrid and why the cuts are getting people hot under the collar. 🇪🇸

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  • Fears over Ukraine nuclear plant

    Amid shelling and UN concern, fears are growing over the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in Ukraine. Should it be closed down?

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  • Clearing up and replanting after Slovenia's largest-ever forest fire

    It was the largest forest fire in Slovenia's history. It started sometime around the middle of July, and lasted until the beginning of August in the south-west of the country, at the border with Italy. Now it is extinguished, and the reforestation process has already started.

    The heavy forest-c...

  • Football’s gender inequality revealed

    Why are so many schools in the UK not offering equal access to football coaching?

  • Respite for hard hit Mykolaiv residents

    Underground 📽️cinema gives 🇺🇦Ukrainians respite from 🇷🇺Russian bombardment - but there are a few security precautions before you can get in.

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  • Face to face: Sir Martin Sorrell #TheAgenda

    In his 33 years as CEO, Sir Martin Sorrell turned WPP - a company which initially made wire shopping baskets into the world’s largest advertising and public relations firm. Ousted in 2018 – when he was the longest serving CEO of a FTSE100 company, he’s now founded a new ad company S4 Capital.


  • Refugee's bid to create work back in Ghana

    It’s a remarkable story of survival and goodwill. Ousman Umar was a refugee from Ghana that made the perilous journey to Spain. He has now set up a charity called Nasco Feeding Minds that tries to help his countrymen so that they don’t feel the need to leave Ghana in search of a better life.


  • Jerry Grey and Ann Liang #BridgeBuilders

    In 2004 Jerry Grey, in his 40s, decided to see the world. His first stop was China and he never left. His new boss became his wife and their fundraising efforts have raised millions, changed attitudes to disabled people and sent them on many adventures all over China. 🌍 #BridgeBuilders


  • Dried up lakes now tinderboxes as drought and heatwaves impact Hungary

    Dried mud and sand is all that remains of Lake Bicserd in Hungary as drought and heatwaves take their toll.

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  • Max Burns #BridgeBuilders

    With parents from the UK and Bulgaria, Max Burns - our youngest Bridge Builder at just 19 - looks like the average British teenager. 🇨🇳 🇬🇧

    However, his parents met working in Beijing and Max grew up to age 13 attending local Chinese schools. Homesick in Brighton, he started vlogging about China...

  • Third day of travel disruption at UK port of Dover

    For a third day thousands of Britons hoping to get away at the start of the school holidays have been hit by delays.

    And it's not just holidaymakers, hundreds of lorries are still queueing up on the roads heading towards the Eurotunnel and Port of Dover, Britain's main gateway to Europe.

    The U...

  • Bringing back the Tasmanian Tiger from extinction #RAZOR

    In 1936 the last captive Thylacine, or Tasmanian Tiger as it's more widely known, died in Hobart Zoo in Australia.

    In 1982, the species was officially declared extinct. Now, evolutionary biologist Andrew Pask and his team at the University of Melbourne want to bring the marsupial back from the ...

  • Monkeypox classified as a global health emergency as WHO triggers highest alert

    Jimmy Whitworth is professor of international public health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and says the need for better international cooperation is vital.

    Whitworth began by telling The World Today what the symptoms are and why he believes the WHO’s decision to label the ou...

  • Are airships the zero-carbon future of air travel?

    It’s a long-haul flight to zero emissions – but airships could be the way forward, and UK company Hybrid Air Vehicles has already sold some of its Airlander models off-plan to Spanish domestic carrier Air Nostrum.

    The Airlander derives its lift from a combination of three inputs. These are lifti...

  • Venice to become first city in the world to charge tourists for entry

    Fancy a trip to Venice? So do millions of others, so you’ll soon have to pay just to enter the famed Italian city.

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  • Food worker strikes aim to shut down Budapest again

    "We want them to do their job for the people" said food delivery workers protesting against tax changes in Budapest today.

    It’s the latest in a week of protests and strikes about the reorganized tax system - intended to cut down on fraud, but allegedly cutting into workers’ pay instead.


  • Triple Olympian Alex Hua Tian shows you round his stables #BridgeBuilders

    Fancy spending half an hour with Prince Charming? 🤴

    That’s what his fans call Eton-educated Olympic event rider Alex Hua Tian Eventing – half-British, half-Chinese and wholly pleasant as he shows you round his Cheshire stables. 🐴

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  • Spreading best practice in HIV/AIDS patient care across China

    Martin Gordon has had two award-winning careers building bridges with China. Firstly, he pioneered banking relationships with China, winning an OBE for his services to the finance industry.

    Then he turned his attention to pioneering best practice in healthcare for HIV/AIDS patients in China, wi...