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  • The Addiction Habit - #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole

    Addiction is a multi-trillion-dollar problem from which no country is entirely immune.

    Experts describe it as a disease that alters our brain, making us a slave to a substance or an activity.

    But just how do we become addicted to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food and so on? What are the human a...

  • EU renews calls for defense autonomy – at risk of damaging relations with U.S.

    European leaders are once again calling for greater cooperation on defense, a move that risks damaging relations with the new U.S. administration under President Joe Biden.

    "We reaffirm that, in the face of increased global instability, the EU needs to take more responsibility for its security...

  • China's ambassador hails Sinopharm vaccine roll-out in Hungary

    China's Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine has already reached around 5,000 doctors in Hungary, according to the Chinese ambassador to the country.

    Qi Dayu, China's chief diplomat in Budapest, told CGTN Europe that Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban hopes to get his Sinopharm jab in the near future....

  • Atletico Madrid's football stadium turns into mass-vaccination center

    LaLiga leaders Atletico Madrid are also at the front of Spain’s COVID-19 fight with their Wanda Metropolitano stadium being used as a vaccination center.
    Madrid's regional government premier Isabel Ayuso has put an impressive target of 10,000 vaccinations a day at the stadium which has become the...

  • Channel Tunnel profits plunge as impact of pandemic and Brexit hits

    Channel Tunnel owner Getlink made a $137 million loss during 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the travel industry hard.

    Getlink, which changed its name from Eurotunnel in 2017, posted profits down 67 percent during the 2020 financial year, compared with 2019.

    It has been shaken by the C...

  • Missing commuting? You might be surprised how many people are

    🚇🚍🚗 Remember that feeling of rushing to catch a train or bus? Worrying about not getting in on time? Or being stuck in endless traffic?

    In the pre-pandemic world, the daily commute was often a stressful experience but research from recruiter Randstad UK suggests more than a third of people in th...

  • China's UN envoy Chen Xu warns of pandemic impact on human rights

    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a major humanitarian crisis, China's permanent representative to the United Nations Geneva has said, warning of the challenges facing international human rights organizations to address its impact.

    "It is fair to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a ser...

  • Reinventing espadrilles: A new look for Salvador Dali's shoes

    Do you want to wear Salvador Dali or Penelope Cruz’s shoes?

    La Manual Alpargatera, a traditional manufacturer of espadrilles in Barcelona, sold shoes to both of them decades apart.

    But now the store is struggling because of the pandemic. So, they are now redesigning their famous footwear as...

  • Travel industry leaders optimistic summer holidays can go ahead

    The President of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) says the industry is still "in the middle of the storm," but that people should have confidence booking holidays this summer.

    Speaking to CGTN Europe, Gloria Guevara said the flexibility shown by travel companies means people should f...

  • AstraZeneca 'aims to deliver' on EU contract after report of more delays

    AstraZeneca told CGTN it "aims to deliver in line with its contract" after a Reuters report said a European Union official claimed the drug maker would only ship less than half of the 180 million doses contracted in the second quarter.

    The spokesperson said: "AstraZeneca confirms today [Wednesd...

  • Hungary first in EU to innoculate with China's Sinopharm vaccine

    🇭🇺 "I ask for all fears to be dispelled about the Chinese and Russian vaccines, because more than 30 million people have received these vaccines without any particular problems," said Hungary’s Chief Medical Officer Ceclia Muller. 💉
    It is being offered to Hungarians over the age of 60 as part of ...

  • UK-made AstraZeneca vaccine faces PR problems in Germany

    💉The fallout of Europe’s '#Vaccine Wars'? 🇪🇺

    🇩🇪Mixed messaging in Germany over the efficacy of the UK-made #AstraZeneca jab may be stopping people from taking it - and it's worrying health officials.😷

    Full story 👉

  • What next for the UK’s hospitality industry after COVID-19 lockdown?

    On Monday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a roadmap for the reopening of certain sections of English society.

    The phased reopening of the hospitality sector – first outdoors from April 12, then indoors a month later – has done little to ease the fears of restaurant and bar owners who...

  • Why data should be the basis for future decisions on lockdowns

    Governments are turning to big data to find patterns to better inform their policy-making in the time of coronavirus.

    From death and infection rates to hospitalizations, from the efficacy of vaccines to social distancing measurements, data – which is regularly touted as the new oil – is painting...

  • Pescara becomes Italy's hotspot for the UK-discovered COVID-19 variant

    “I never thought that Pescara would become the heart of the new phase of the pandemic,” said Giustino Parruti, Director of the Pescara COVID-19 Hospital, as the city is now one of Italy’s hotspots for the new COVID-19 variant first discovered in the UK.

    Doctors and nurses are particularly conce...

  • EU downplays calls for Australia model to make 'Big Tech' pay for news

    The European Union's digital affairs chief has downplayed calls from European media groups to include an Australia-style clause mandating "Big Tech" platforms such as Google and Facebook pay for news.

    Margrethe Vestager said she believed the situation in Australia was "a question of copyright" ...

  • EU to impose fresh round of sanctions on Russia over Navalny jailing

    Europe will impose a fresh round of sanctions on Russian officials behind the "arrest and sentencing and persecution" of opposition figure Alexei Navalny, as tensions between Brussels and Moscow intensify.

    A Moscow court upheld a three-year jail term for Navalny at the weekend on charges of v...

  • Smashed glass and fireworks in Barcelona riots

    These were the scenes in Barcelona on Saturday night.

    Watch and read our report from Rahul Pathak here 👉

    Shop windows were smashed, fireworks lit, and police arre...

  • UK fashion faces challenges from the pandemic and Brexit

    This year, instead of the front row and flashlights, London Fashion Week is taking place across the weekend online, as a digital-only event.

    Much has changed for the fashion world since the 2020 event when CGTN Europe met stylist turned designer Deborah Latouche, who launched her 'modest fashio...

  • Boris Johnson says the UK will donate any surplus vaccine supplies

    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the UK will donate any surplus supplies of COVID-19 vaccine to the rest of the world.

    While chairing a virtual meeting, Johnson said "around the world [we need to] make sure everybody gets the vaccine and everybody comes through this pandemic togethe...

  • Climate change and WTO reform at core of EU's 'assertive' trade strategy

    The European Union has unveiled a new trade strategy, which it says will allow Brussels to be more "assertive" in pursuing the bloc's interests and protecting it from unfair trade practices.

    "The three keywords that define our strategy are: open, sustainable and assertive," said the EU trade c...

  • Daimler defies pandemic to post $4.8bn profit and predicts growth

    Despite a difficult year for auto manufacturers, Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes Benz, defied expectations and posted a $4.8 billion profit for 2020.

    It's the latest European auto company, following Jaguar and Volkswagen, to report positive earnings for the previous year as many corporat...

  • European Space Agency's mission to get more women into space

    In nearly 60 years of space exploration, only 11 percent of the 560 people who have traveled beyond the Earth's atmosphere are women, according to the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. But the the European Space Agency (ESA) is hoping to change this with its first recruitment drive i...

  • Berlin hoping new 'pedestrian law' can drive city to carbon neutrality

    🚫Forget cars, Berlin is going GREEN!‍ 🌿 Longer green lights for pedestrians🚦Safer school routes 🚸 More benches for city strollers🪑

    🚶The new milestone 'pedestrian law' is set to make life healthier and safer for those travelling by foot and bicycle.

    Read more: