It's back to school season

It's back to school season

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It's back to school season
  • Student safety becomes top priority in the U.S.

    The Columbine High School tragedy in 1999 caused American law enforcement to change the way it responded to school shootings from that point on.

  • Expenses rise as students return to school

    Parents are paying more for their children to go back to school as inflation soars in the U.S. Find out more.

  • Alternative educational centers in Venezuela

    Alternative educational centers are becoming more common in Venezuela during the COVID pandemic. Some of the kitchens and living rooms are now serving as classrooms in the country. Find out more.

  • Four-day school weeks

    Schools across the U.S. are having difficulty finding enough teachers to adequately staff their classrooms. To stand out from the competition, some schools are now getting creative, shortening the school week to attract new teachers and retain experienced ones.

  • U.S. public school enrollment drops

    Enrollment at the largest public school district in the U.S. is dropping due to the impact of the COVID pandemic. Experts say that another reason for the decline is high property prices forcing families to move to less expensive cities.

  • Vaccine & testing for California schools

    As schools reopen across California, the state has mandated that teachers and staff be vaccinated or else undergo regular COVID-19 testing. CGTN's Ediz Tiyansan reports.

  • Colombia public school dilemma

    Going back to school hasn't been easy in Colombia.

    While private schools have been welcoming students back to the campus, public schools have been slower to start.

    But this past month, the Ministry of Education ordered all public schools to resume in-person classes by this month.

  • Mexico: Ready for in-person classes?

    Mexico’s COVID-19 infection rates are soaring, right as the new academic year starts.

    But there are initiatives to keep students and their families safe.

  • COVID: High-risk students

    Thousands of children across Argentina have returned to classrooms over the past month.

    Yet, some students considered to be at high risk must be given the COVID-19 vaccine before returning to school are still waiting for a jab.

    Many parents are concerned about possible delays in their childre...

  • Back to School: Florida

    After 18 months of virtual and hybrid learning, millions of children returned to school this Monday across the U.S.

    While their parents raised concerns about returning to in-person learning and if masks should be worn, the children were ecstatic to be back to school.

  • No more uniforms?

    Mexico is in the middle of a serious third wave of COVID-19, yet students are expected to return to classes by the end of August.

  • Masking up at LA schools

    Millions of students in Florida, Texas, and Arizona are now required to wear masks in class as some school boards have defied their Republican governors and made face coverings mandatory.

    It's been a divisive first week in schools in many parts of the United States, where parents and teachers di...

  • "Super excited" for college

    It's a big stage in many teenagers' lives: that moment when they leave home and move into college for the very first time.

    Online learning was often the default option in education when the pandemic was raging. In-person classes will be the norm here and on many other campuses this fall.

  • How students feel about masks

    In the U.S., parents, and politicians have a big debate on whether to institute mask requirements in schools, especially in Florida. See how students feel about masks.