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Llamas give hope to scientists in the war against COVID-19

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Thousands of migrants stranded in Mexico live a life of struggle

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  • Llamas give hope to scientists in the...

    For thousands of years Llamas have played an important role in Andean life and culture. These relatives of camels have been used for transport, food, clothing, even companionship. Current scientific research suggests that antibodies found in llama’s blood could offer a defense against COVID-19.

  • Horse plasma could hold a key to COVI...

    Many countries have approved the use of plasma from COVID-19 survivors as a treatment. But in Argentina scientists are looking into something else. They’ve developed a serum from antibodies produced by horses. It’s said to have the ability to reduce the severity of effects caused by the new disease.

  • Brazil's Doctors Bracing for the Worse

    We’ve seen them all over the world risking their lives trying to save other often putting their families at risk as well. Stephen Gibbs followed a medical doctor in Brazil to observe the “day-to-day" experiences of a front-line fighter during the COVID-19 pandemic.