AI in focus

AI in focus

2022 saw an increase in artificial intelligence globally. What does that mean for 2023? CGTN explores how AI will impact the future.

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AI in focus
  • How AI technology helps monitor women's health

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning are increasingly being used to innovate healthcare. Check out how the technology can help monitor women's menstrual cycles and health without compromising users' privacy protection.

  • AI in beauty industry

    Baggy eyes, wrinkles, odor – these are just some of the issues major beauty brands have been trying to solve for decades.

    But their efforts are now getting a major boost from artificial intelligence.

    The technology has been used by the industry for years, but it has only recently advanced enoug...

  • Can AI help improve sports game performances?

    Artificial Intelligence in the sports market is projected to reach a value of over 19 billion dollars by 2030. See how this technology is going to transform the sports industry and help athletes improve their game performances.

  • AI revolutionizes dating habits

    See how AI is changing the future dating scene. The AIMM app is a reproduction of a human matchmaking service that collects a wide range of information about users’ personalities, and acts as a coach, giving advice before dates and even facilitating the outcome.

  • AI's impact on education: Good or Bad?

    U.S. colleges and universities are working to adjust to a new world where artificial intelligence will be at every student’s fingertips.

    Will AI chatbots make it much easier to cheat on essays and exams? Or could they actually improve education? One Colorado university is among those grappling w...

  • AI in music industry

    Add ‘music’ to the list of industries being disrupted by artificial intelligence.

    Streaming services such as Spotify and Apple have long relied on AI algorithms to recommend music we may like.

    But increasingly, AI is being used in music production and performance. The technology could transfo...

  • Who will win the AI tech war?

    Generative AI – artificial intelligence that can produce content, including text and art, has taken the tech world by storm. As Mark Niu reports, it’s set off a new wave of competition among tech companies eager to make their version the very best.

  • AI in psychology and therapy

    Artificial intelligence is all the rage these days.

    AI conversational chatbots are already being employed across a range of industries. And they may be ready to take on new tasks. Could, for instance, chatbots be our therapists or psychologists of the future? CGTN’s Hendrik Sybrandy reports.

  • AI in Journalism: Yay or nay?

    The AI market is forecasted to be worth $63 billion by 2028 and contribute $15 trillion to the global economy. But as the AI industry balloons, so do calls for caution and regulations. Karina Mitchell takes a look at the juxtaposition between new technology and traditional media and if the two ca...

  • Should schools worry about AI chatbots?

    It’s an issue that colleges and universities across the U.S. suddenly find themselves dealing with. What to do about chatbots, artificial intelligence-based computer software that can help students write papers and essays and much, much more.

    Should schools be worried about this new potential t...

  • AI and politics

    In a world where more business is conducted online, the political space has been slow to catch up. But with online trends reaching wider audiences, politicians are having their own attempts at ‘influencing’ the sector.

  • AI and education

    If you are in college, you’ve probably already heard of ChatGPT - the new artificial intelligence-powered chatbot that is generating university-level papers.

    Some professors say they can’t tell the difference between their students’ work and the bot’s.

    It’s raising concerns of cheating and plag...