Zero Waste Movement

  • Are food expiration dates important?

    The world produces enough food for everyone but about a third of it is lost or wasted along the supply chain, according to the United Nations, which says the average person wastes 74 kg (163 lbs) of food each year.
    What can we as individuals do to reduce our carbon footprint and waste less food? ...

  • How to reduce food waste?

    Did you know that about 40% of all food bought in the U.S. is wasted? That's enough to make 130 billion meals each year, according to Food Waste Monitor.
    We spoke with Sweta Chakraborty, a climate behavioral scientist who shared five tips we can all follow to help reduce the amount of food that g...

  • Pollution or Solution?

    While many countries agree that plastic is one of the major pollutants on planet earth, The first round of UN negotiations on global plastics treaty earlier this month have failed to get a consensus on the mechanism to end plastic pollution.

    What can we as individuals do to help end plastic poll...