What happened in Russia?

What happened in Russia?

In 36 hours during the weekend of June 24, a private Russian mercenary army denounced the country’s leadership, marched towards Moscow in a rebellion and agreed to a truce that ended the hostilities almost as quickly as they began.

What happened in Russia?
  • What is the Wagner Group and who is its leader?

    Mutinous mercenary fighters headed towards Moscow after seizing a southern Russian city on the orders of Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin.

    Fighters are now standing down.

    The Russian leader has vowed to crush Prigozhin's uprising, the country's first armed insurrection in decades.

    But who exa...

  • Here's how Vladimir Putin reacted

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to crush what he called an 'armed mutiny' after the leader of the Wagner group Yevgeny Prigozhin announced his forces had taken control of a southern Russian city - and a convoy has been spotted heading towards Moscow.

  • How the Wagnar crisis unfolded

    Tension in Russia de-escalates, with the Wagner mercenary group pulling back from their march on Moscow. Here is a timeline of how the Wagner mercenary crisis evolved over the weekend.

  • Why an armed mutiny erupted in Russia

    A surprising rebellion erupted in Russia on Friday, led by the head of the Wagner mercenary group, who accused the Russian military of targeting his Wagner forces in Ukraine with airstrikes and artillery even though they are meant to be fighting on the same side.

  • CGTN on the scene: Tensions in Russia ease

    Watch the video to learn about the current situation in Rostov-on-Don from CGTN's correspondent.

  • Russia crisis is over, for now

    Vladimir Putin is now left with the stark option of either agreeing to end the conflict in Ukraine on the terms of the U.S. or up the ante by using more lethal weaponry, the president's former spokesperson said.

    Sergei Markov said that Putin remains very popular among elite sections of Russian s...