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#RAZOR: Fighting the fatty liver crisis

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  • #RAZOR: Fighting the fatty liver crisis

    One in four people have some form of fatty liver disease, a condition that can be deadly but is often undiagnosed. 🤯

    And what's more, this silent killer could be threatening more people by denying potential organ donation. While there's a critical shortage of transplantable livers, the fatty liv...

  • #RAZOR: Using 3D to see inside mummies

    What would you find inside an ancient Egyptian mummy?

    A team of scientists in the UK have put together X-Rays, 3D and VR technology to look inside the 2,000 year-old remains of snake, bird and cat mummies, opening a window into the fascinating past these animals lived (and died) in. 🐈🐍🐦

    🔬 Disco...

  • #RAZOR: 'Shrinky Dink' sensors

    Inside a small laboratory at the University of California, scientists have developed monitoring technology that could identify ill health before people fall sick.

    A tiny plastic sensor made from a 1970s children’s toy can be attached to the body to monitor blood pressure while people carry on wi...