Ukraine Under Attack

Ukraine Under Attack

One year of Russia-Ukraine conflict

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Ukraine Under Attack
  • The impact of war on Ukraine's animals

    Ukraine’s biggest zoo, housing dozens of rare animals, is caught in the crossfire of the Ukraine-Russia conflict.
    Founded in Mykolayiv city in 1901, the 120 year old zoo known as ‘Nikolaev Zoo’ witnessed its first rocket on February 28.
    With remnants of exploded rockets spattered on the ground, t...

  • How tech is helping Ukrainians

    Nearly two-thirds of all Ukrainian children have fled their homes in the month and a half since fighting began in that country. That's according to the United Nations' children's agency UNICEF.

    They're among the millions of residents who've escaped to other parts of Ukraine or to other countries...

  • Lessons from the Syrian war for Ukraine

    From a bombed-out structure in northwestern Syria, members of Syria’s White Helmets, also known as Syria Civil Defense, made a tutorial video for Ukrainian volunteers filled with tips gained from their 11 years of first-hand experience treating the wounded under bombings.

    Take a look at what t...

  • Life in critical zones

    Julie Vysotskaya is a Ukrainian relief worker who has been working in critical zones of Ukraine for more than a month.

    CGTN’s Hendrik Sybrandy had the opportunity to speak with her about her experiences helping residents and refugees struggling to survive under conditions resulting from Russia’...

  • US chefs raise money for Ukraine

    What does it take to be a good sushi chef? Good knife skills are at the top of the list. Like many other talents, it takes years of practice.

    Some flair and showmanship behind the counter don’t hurt either.

  • How do we bring peace?

    Talks to bring peace to Ukraine appear to have somewhat stalled in the wake of escalating claims and counter claims of war crimes in the region.
    But as and when peace talks do resume, just what might the two sides really have to negotiate with? And what's it really like to be ...

  • The view from Moscow

    Seven weeks in, just where does the world stand with the conflict in Ukraine? And what hope if any is there now for peace? Peace talks are continuing, but, it seems, without much real momentum.
    And as the accusations from the West of war crimes in the region only seem to intens...

  • What Moscow thinks about peace

    As the crisis in Ukraine enters its seventh week, just how close might we be to some form of resolution? Peace talks have taken place, but appear to have somewhat stalled, accusations of Russian war crimes only seem to be escalating, and both sides appear if anything more entrenched than they wer...

  • ‘What we saw was catastrophic’

    “Many women and children, grandparents, people with disabilities…the train station is packed. There are people in strollers. It is families” - eyewitness tells CGTN Europe about Kramatorsk train station missile attack.

  • A tearful reunion

    Ukrainian soldier, Dmytro Stretovych, had an emotional reunion with his parents in the village of Nova Basan following a weeks-long Russian military operation in the village.

  • Threats of rape & unintended pregnancy

    Reports of rape and sexual assaults on Ukrainian women have multiplied since the beginning of Russia’s attack on Ukraine on February 24.

    Claims of sexual assaults date back to March 4, after Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba accused Russian soldiers of committing rape in Ukrainian cities....

  • When will the conflict end?

    University professors Victor Gao and Klaus Larres disagree on the path to peace. For Professor Gao the onus is on the EU and NATO. While Professor Larres says Russian aggression is to blame.

  • What are Russia’s goals in this war?

    The Russia-Ukraine conflict is well into its second month. What is the Kremlin’s objective? Columbia University Professor Robert Legvold says the war has reached an important phase.

  • Did western media get the Ukraine conflict wrong?

    Pulitzer award-winning journalist Chris Hedges argues that Western media failed to understand how NATO's expansion into eastern Europe triggered the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

  • What is happening in Bucha?

    Western countries are calling for a war crimes trial against Russia after the latest spate of killings in Bucha, Ukraine. Moscow has denied those allegations. Analyst Vladimir Golstein explains why such claims and counterclaims could impact peace negotiations.

  • Russia denies Bucha 'massacre'

    Dozens of bodies littered the streets of Bucha after Russian forces retreated from the town. CGTN’s reporters have visited the scene. But despite evidence from satellite photographs, the Russian government says the bodies appeared after their troops departed.

  • Truth or fake: The Bucha massacre

    Ukraine says Bucha was a massacre, Russia says it is a hoax – and the world is analyzing the evidence. Is there any truth in Russian claims that the ‘corpses’ seen worldwide are moving on the video? And what of Moscow’s assertion that the bodies were placed after the Russian withdrawal?

  • Ukraine wants 'powerful' sanctions

    In his address to the Spanish parliament, Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged Spanish companies still operating in Russia to boycott the country, and for politicians to impose tougher sanctions. Rahul Pathak reports from Madrid.

  • U.S. favors Ukrainians or Haitians?

    It’s happening again. In the 1980s Cubans were welcomed in the U.S. and Haitians were turned away.

    Once again, the United States is facing criticism for receiving Ukrainian refugees after deporting Haitian migrants back to their homeland.

    CGTN’s Nitza Soledad Perez reports.

  • What it's like to drive through Ukraine?

    Despite checkpoints and fuel limits, people are getting around Ukraine away from the main war zones: CGTN’s Iolo ap Dafydd sent this video blog from the road, travelling between Lviv and Kyiv.

  • Can Germany live without Russian oil?

    As Germany looks to reduce its reliance on Russian fuel, how else will it keep its industry on track? Natalie Carney reports for CGTN Europe from Munich.

  • Ukraine hits first target in Russia

    CGTN Europe reporters Iolo ap Dafydd and Stuart Smith discuss the fire at an oil depot in Russia that the Kremlin says was caused by a Ukraine helicopter strike. Officials in Kyiv have not confirmed or denied the claim but either way it could have a significant impact on peace talks.

  • Will French companies boycott Russia?

    The backlash against French companies refusing to boycott Russia continues to grow, after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s impassioned plea to MPs.

  • We had a beautiful life, now nothing

    Residents of Mariupol, which became an area of heavy fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces, were seen on Monday, March 28, collecting their belongings from heavily damaged apartment buildings and gathering food supplies among the debris.