Ukraine Under Attack

Ukraine Under Attack

One year of Russia-Ukraine conflict

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Ukraine Under Attack
  • Why rebuilding Ukraine will be tough

    In September 2022, the World Bank calculated that Ukraine had sustained more than $97 billion in direct damages through May in the Russian-Ukraine conflict. However, according to the World Bank, Ukrainian government and European Commission, the effort to rebuild the country could cost a staggerin...

  • Ukraine conflict’s impact on energy

    The U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee held a hearing on the impact the conflict in Ukraine is having on energy markets.

    The top Democrat and Republican Senators on the committee are both from fossil fuel producing states and used the hearing to promote US production of oil, gas ...

  • How did Biden sneak into a war zone?

    President Biden made headlines on Monday for his unannounced visit to Ukraine, but how did he get by undetected? See more.

  • Is the war a result of past political struggles?

    As the conflict in Ukraine enters its third month, is the current crisis a result of past political power struggles? History Professor Anton Fedyashin explains.

  • Is Kyiv safe?

    Western countries are moving their embassies back to the Ukrainian capital, in a sign that things may be getting better. We spoke with the former Acting Minister of Economy for Ukraine, Pavlo Kukhta, about the situation in Kyiv.

  • Drone shots show damage in Ukraine

    Drone footage shows the large-scale damage in the Ukrainian village of Moschun in Kyiv after Russia’s military operation. Kyiv's regional police, Andrey Nebitov, reported that 1,150 civilian bodies were recovered from the region with the majority from the city of Bucha. Russian officials have cal...

  • "My home is now a rubble"

    72-year-old Zinaida Baranchuk has lost her one-story home in Irpin city of Ukraine during Russian shelling. A house she lived in for 40 years since 1981 when she first moved in with her husband. Baranchuk last saw her home standing on March 24, before she took cover in a bomb shelter. With her ho...

  • Tensions mounts on Ukraine/Belarus border

    ‘Everyone is afraid. Only stupid people aren’t afraid’

    Ukraine defense officials believe Belarus has moved seven battalions closer to the border. They don't think Belarus is about to invade – but they can't rule it out.

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  • Ukrainian athlete fights for home

    CGTN’s Dan Williams spoke with Ukrainian Olympic high jumper Yaroslava Mahuchikh in an exclusive interview at this year’s World Athletics Championships in Oregon. She talks about her life and training in Germany and her hopes for her home.

  • WATCH: Rocket hits amusement park

    Footage gathered by a CCTV camera shows Grad Rockets hitting an amusement park in Kharkiv, Ukraine, a city located on the eastern border with Russia.

    The city has faced a high volume of Russian shelling since the beginning of the military operation in late February.

    Ukraine’s State Emergency Se...

  • A happy surprise at an unfortunate time

    After she lost her legs and most fingers from a mine blast, this 24-year-old Ukrainian nurse had a surprise wedding in the hospital. Watch her story here.

  • Conflict worsens global hunger

    The conflict in Ukraine, sparked by Russia’s special military operation, is threatening the world food supply and increasing worries about global hunger.

    Prices for vegetable oils, cereals and meat have reached an all-time high.

    The spillover effect has not only impacted the conflict for millio...

  • Where Americans are finding cheap gas

    The high cost of gas in the U.S. has led some drivers to look south of the border in Mexico, where gas prices have remained more or less unchanged since the start of the year.

    Now that more Americans are crossing into Mexico to fill their tanks, it’s leading to shortages.

    CGTN’s Alasdair Bavers...

  • Germany opens doors to refugees again

    Will Ukrainian refugees keep getting the same warm welcome in Germany that they do now, or will the strains of providing for them begin to tell on German generosity?

  • Going underground in Odesa

    In a city where there’s no underground metro network, where can residents shelter when they hear an air raid siren?

    A group of volunteers in Odesa have been preparing the catacombs that lie beneath the city, ready to withstand Russian missiles.

  • Finding ‘Normality’ in a small town

    Ukraine's western region may be away from the worst of the fighting, but it’s being forced to deal with those fleeing the conflict – and some towns are at breaking point.

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  • 'Some are happy now, some are scared'

    ‘Some of them are really happy now, and some are not - some of them are really scared. And they’re telling us about how do they feel, what do they want, what are they afraid of,’ says Dzvinka Syvyk of UNICEF.

    The children are encouraged to draw their experiences, to try to come to terms with wha...

  • Who is winning the war?

    As the battle enters a new phase, analysts Marcus Papadopoulos and Oleksii Riabchyn debate who has the upper hand.

  • Can we recover from bad economy?

    The International Monetary Fund on Tuesday downgraded global economic growth for a second time this year.

    It shaved nearly a whole percentage point off predictions that just months ago forecast robust post-pandemic expansion.

    And if the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and inflation, are the main reaso...

  • 'No water, no electricity'

    Hundreds of residential buildings were destroyed in Mariupol's Primorsky district since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, leaving hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians displaced.
    Russia claimed its forces had almost completely seized the port town but Ukrainian defence minister dispu...

  • Shocking video - dozens of new graves

    Drone footage shows dozens of new graves for those who died on the battlefield in Irpin, Northern Ukraine.
    Most of the graves were labeled with a day of death after February 24th, the day the Russian-Ukrainian conflict began.
    Ukrainian investigators have examined 269 dead bodies in Irpin, near Ky...

  • A Ukrainian commander's appeal

    “Our final days or hours”

    Ukrainian military commander in Mariupol says the end is near for defenders and pleads for international extraction of his troops and hundreds of trapped civilians.

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  • Ukrainian rescuers save a puppy

    Rescuers digging with their bare hands pulled a puppy alive from the rubble of a building, a video released by the Donetsk Regional Police showed on Wednesday, April 13.

  • Mother finds son's body in a well

    A Ukrainian mother broke down in tears when she discovered her son’s body down in a well. The mother was horrified when she recognized him by his sneakers, screaming “my little son.”
    A group of men managed to recover the body from the well, while the mother waited to see her son one more time.