U.S. Campus Protests

U.S. Campus Protests

Student protests over the Israel-Hamas conflict have escalated at many college campuses following the arrest of demonstrators at Columbia University in April, 2024.

The students are calling for universities to separate themselves from companies that are advancing Israel’s military efforts in Gaza, and in some cases from Israel itself. Police have arrested hundreds nationwide since early detainments at Columbia on April 18.

U.S. Campus Protests
  • Students clash with police, counter protesters

    Clashes between pro-Palestinian protesters and police are escalating in the United States - as students refuse to heed calls to end their campus demonstrations.
    Things took a dramatic turn at Columbia University, with police sweeping the campus of demonstrators.
    Dozens were also arrested in Calif...

  • Police fire stun grenades at UCLA student protestors

    Police fired stun grenades and plastic bullets on the pro-Palestinian student protestors camping at the University of California, Los Angeles on Thursday. More than 100 police in riot gear forcefully removed the protestors, arresting over 200 of them. 

    CGTN’s Ediz Tiyansan reports from the scene.

  • What locals think about the anti-war protests

    In the early morning of April 17, a pro-Palestinian protest broke out at Columbia University in the United States. New York police arrested hundreds of students on the campus. A CGTN Stringer in New York asked locals of different ages and occupations about their views of the protests.

  • Gaza students commend U.S. protests

    Nearly 620,000 children are out of school in war-ravaged Gaza, UNICEF estimates. Holding signs that read "Rebuild our schools and universities," students rallied at a school-turned-shelter for displaced Palestinians in Rafah on Sunday. They also expressed their gratitude to those who participated...

  • Chicago students join pro-Palestinian protests

    Student led pro-Palestinian protests have swept across universities in the U.S. this past week. That list now includes Northwestern University near Chicago. Students there have provided a list of demands to faculty heads in order for the protest to end.

  • Tensions remain high at UCLA

    Tensions have escalated on the campus of the University of California Los Angeles, where pro-Israeli supporters clashed with pro-Palestinian supporters. Security intervened when altercations turned physical, and barriers were breached at an encampment. Ediz Tiyansan reports.

  • Student encampments spread to DC

    The student encampments in protest of the Gaza war have reached Washington, D.C., as students from several universities in the nation's capital demonstrate on the campus of George Washington University.