Tracking Human Trafficking

Tracking Human Trafficking

CGTN presents a series on the perils and crises of trafficking around the world.

Tracking Human Trafficking
  • Combating organ trafficking in Brazil

    Organ trafficking is one aspect of human trafficking that often receives little attention. Many may consider it as an urban myth rather than a serious crime but prosecutors in Brazil says it exists – though underreported.

  • How technology can be used to fight against human trafficking

    Internet can be double-edged sword for the vulnerable in human trafficking. Here’s why.

  • Helping sex trafficking victims in Colombia

    Over six million Venezuelans have fled the political and economic turmoil in their country. Migration makes women and children vulnerable to predatory sex traffickers. One Colombian woman has been working to help victims of sex trafficking, as growing number of migrants has become victims.

  • Combating trafficking in U S

    The U.S. state of Ohio ranks fifth in the country for human trafficking.

    But armed with new laws, authorities there are fighting back.

    Columbus is dedicating various resources to the issue of human trafficking. There is still a long path ahead. But some of the work here could also help prov...

  • 2022 Trafficking in Persons report released

    Human trafficking remains a global problem according to the 2022 edition of the U.S. State Department’s “Trafficking in Persons” report. The report also notes that victims in the U.S. are sometimes prosecuted for crimes instead of being protected. The report even finds that U.S. government person...

  • Trafficking of women and children in Ukraine

    Earlier this month, authorities in Kyiv arrested the suspected leader of a criminal gang who trafficked women into sex work with promises of legitimate employment in foreign countries. According to the United Nations, women and children fleeing the conflict in Ukraine are at heightened risk of hu...