Through their eyes: Afghanistan

Through their eyes: Afghanistan

Through their eyes: Afghanistan
  • Afghan gem hunters

    Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley is home to one of the richest supplies of gems in the world. But the big challenge is getting them out with a war going on.
    Meet an ambitious emerald miner and found out first hand how dangerous his pursuit of prosperity is as part of our series, “Through Their Eyes.”

  • A look into the lives of Bamyan residents

    While firmly controlling Afghanistan, the Taliban was guilty of more than human rights abuses. They also waged all-out war on the nation’s rich cultural diversity.
    No attack was more shocking that the destruction of the centuries-old Buddhas, that gazed out over the historic city of Bamyan.

  • One Afghan woman’s fight for change

    Laila Haidar wades into a world, where men are addicted to heroin in a nation where the drug is cheap and easily found. She’s emerged as a powerful and unlikely human rights hero to get them off drugs and into treatment at her rehabilitation center. Haidar also operates a halfway house for women....

  • Rebuilding Darulaman Palace

    Meet a young, U.S.-educated female engineer with big dreams and high hopes. But she also has fears about the current peace negotiations with Taliban and the future.In a way, the restoration of Kabul’s Darulaman Palace represents not only a step toward healing, and perhaps one toward peace and a r...

  • The lives of Afghan’s under insurgent rule

    After nearly two decades of fighting, insurgents- the Taliban and ISIL- control large areas of Afghanistan. Civilian deaths were at record numbers last year.
    We examine the effect attacks are having on Afghans and how a suicide attack can destroy families.