The Agenda with Stephen Cole

The Agenda with Stephen Cole

Stephen Cole is an internationally acclaimed television presenter.

He has helped launch four international news channels – Sky News, CNN International, BBC World and Al Jazeera – and has chaired many international events.

He also created the world’s first IT show, Click Online, taking it around the world to 28 countries in seven years.

Stephen took a break from television to return to London, where he was appointed chairman of the Institute of Diplomacy and Business. After his three-year term ended, Stephen joined CGTN as executive producer and host of new talk show, The Agenda.

As well as presiding as a judge at the Royal Television Society News Awards and the BAFTAs, he has chaired discussions at the United Nations, setting the five-year agenda for UNESCO.

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The Agenda with Stephen Cole
  • Have Reddit & Robinhood changed investment forever? #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole

    "Financial markets were once oligopolies in which retail investors had no impact whatsoever on trade. Now that's changed."💵

    💰Finance guru Arturo Bris tells #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole how the Game Stop saga may have changed investment forever.

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  • INVESTING IN A PANDEMIC: THE BIG PICTURE - #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole

    As the adverts tell us, your investment can always go down as well as up. And given the volatility of the last 12 months since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, that adage has never seemed truer.
    But could the global reset caused by coronavirus actually be a good thing for investors longer...

  • Treating addiction: Can one size fit all? - #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole


    There are almost as many treatments for addicts as there are types of addiction. And finding the right treatment for the individual in question is absolutely key in facilitating their ability to give up their addiction for good. So here, Stephen Cole speaks to two treatment exp...

  • Why education is China's key to beating addiction - #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole

    “Preventative education is the key strategy in our drug control efforts”


    International collaboration is key to solving the world’s addiction issues. Already in 2021, the EU have begun its first official dialogue on drugs with China. It’s hoped this will allow for real cooperat...

  • A former addict's story - #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole


    The financial cost to global healthcare systems and economies runs into trillions of dollars. Alongside the financial cost, every story of addiction details an extraordinary human cost.

    In this episode of The Agenda with Stephen Cole, we speak to author and former addict Erin...

  • Drugs in Europe: A developing fight - #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole


    The financial cost of addiction to the world’s healthcare providers runs into trillions of dollars.

    And, while the treatment and understanding of the addict is improving all the time, the number of people with a dependence on a substance or activity is continuing to rise – to...

  • Addiction explained - #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole

    Where once most addicts were considered weak and had only themselves to blame, times have changed, and addiction is now defined as a disease.
    But as times change, the kinds of things we become addicted to change too, as does the number of people who fall victim to addiction.

    Here, The Agenda's ...

  • The Addiction Habit - #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole

    Addiction is a multi-trillion-dollar problem from which no country is entirely immune.

    Experts describe it as a disease that alters our brain, making us a slave to a substance or an activity.

    But just how do we become addicted to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food and so on? What are the human a...

  • What drives an entrepreneur? #TheAgenda

    "They all have an idea. They all believe wholly in their idea," Scott Omelianuk, editor in chief of Inc. magazine, says about what makes an entrepreneur. #TheAgenda

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  • Are entrepreneurs born or made? #TheAgenda

    Shaheena Janjuha-Jivraj, Associate Professor in Entrepreneurial Leadership at Henley Business School, thinks the basics of entrepreneurship can be taught.

    “We’re seeing more and more research in terms of neuroscience, that shows us the characteristics such as creativity are skills that can be t...

  • Entrepreneurs and the COVID-19 effect #TheAgenda

    On #TheAgenda​, Stephen Cole talks to Dan Vahdat, Founder and CEO of
    Huma, an A.I. business designed to democratize healthcare.

    He shares how he came up with his business idea and how the pandemic has transformed his operation.

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  • From florist to fiery entrepreneurial dragon - #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole

    Deborah Meaden made her first entrepreneurial moves at a very young age “I can remember when I was about seven, picking some flowers from the garden and setting up a little flower stall by the side of the road,” she tells Stephen Cole – “I always wanted to be in business.”

    She set up her first r...

  • Entrepreneurs - #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole

    2021 is set to be the year of the entrepreneur.

    One in 18 people around the world now owns their own business, and experts predict that far from proving a hinderance, the current COVID-19 pandemic will actually be a help to millions more who may be using lockdown to perfect their potentially bi...

  • Vaccines: the road to immunity - Jerome Kim - #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole

    In this #AskTheAgenda special, Stephen Cole chooses some of the most prominent queries and concerns from viewers - such as whether the vaccines work on new variants, and how long immunity lasts - and gets the answers from Jerome Kim, Director General of the International Vaccine Institute.


  • Vaccines: Road to Immunity - #AskTheAgenda with Stephen Cole

    The biggest vaccination campaign of all time is making great progress around the world. As more vaccines continue to be developed, the numbers of people being inoculated are soaring. As of February 9, it’s estimated more than 130 million doses have been used in more than 70 countries worldwide. I...

  • Why is Israel's COVID-19 vaccine rollout the fastest in the world? #TheAgenda

    How did Israel manage to vaccinate most of its population in such a short time, while other countries are struggling with limited supplies and delays in distribution?

    Nathan Jeffay from The Times of Israel, explains. #TheAgenda

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  • How vaccine strategies will impact the global fight against COVID-19 #TheAgenda

    What progress have vaccination campaigns made towards ending the pandemic? Amid limited global supplies and different approaches to vaccine rollouts, Stephen Cole looks at the challenges facing the world in its journey toward immunity.

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  • The China professor planning a pandemic escape route #TheAgenda

    China has set itself the ambitious target of inoculating 50 million high-priority people before the end of its lunar new year holiday, which begins on February 12. Someone who will be advising how best to achieve that goal is Chen Jian, former adjunct professor of finance at Johns Hopkins Univers...

  • Scientists make thermal stabilization solution for COVID-19 vaccines #TheAgenda

    While countries race to vaccinate their populations as quickly as possible, many poorer nations don't have the technology needed to store vaccines at cold temperatures.

    Vaccines must be kept at consistently cold temperature while they are transported long distances and when they arrive at their ...

  • Vaccine nationalism: Global collaboration is key says WHO #TheAgenda

    An announcement by the European Union to control exports of vaccines produced within the bloc prompted a global discussion on vaccine nationalism.

    Siddhartha Datta, the Regional Adviser for Europe at WHO’s Vaccine-Preventable Diseases and Immunization Programme speaks to #TheAgenda.

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  • #RAZOR: Cybathlon: The championship for robotics-assisted athletes

    Is this the Olympics of the future? The Cybathlon championship sees man and machine merge in a global competition between 51 teams from 20 countries.

    The event pits people of differing abilities against one another as they perform everyday tasks with the help of advanced assistive technology.

  • The vaccine challenge explained 💉

    What progress have vaccination campaigns made towards ending the pandemic? 💉

    Amid limited global supplies and different approaches to vaccine rollouts, we look at the challenges facing the world in its journey toward immunity.

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  • What will China do with new lunar samples? - #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole

    China is the country which has most recently been to the moon, the Chang e’5 probe returned to Earth with almost two kilos of rocks in December of 2020. But what does China plan to do with these samples?

    “Study them and then share them with the global scientific community of course,” says Xu Ya...

  • THE MOON: OPEN FOR BUSINESS - #TheAgenda with Stephen Cole

    The space industry is thought to be worth as much as $400B dollars. Sectors like defense, IT hardware, tourism and even mining are all areas that could cash in on a new wave of space exploration and a lunar economy.

    “In exploration, we always need both cooperation and competition” says Bernhard ...