• The Handshake

    U.S. President Richard Nixon called his 1972 visit to China "the week that changed the world." But it was the secret trip taken by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger the year before that laid the foundation of the historic meeting that would see China and the United States begin to normalize bila...

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  • Global Action Initiative – Endless Harvest

    The Endless Harvest is a compilation of stories from all over the world showing us that sustainable growth is not only possible but actually happening.

    Starting in China’s Mongolian Province, we learn from a team leader at the Qipanjing Coal Mine whose workplace is benefitting from the emergenc...

  • APEC 2023

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    San Francisco hosts one of the most important gatherings of global leaders this November. Twenty-one member economies now make up the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.

  • Homeless – Inequality in the U.S.

    In San Francisco, rampant crime, soaring costs and a broken government are driving residents into the streets -- or out of state. Big Story reports on the unraveling of America’s largest economy.

    San Francisco: From the Gold Rush boom to the Silicon Valley era, California’s “city by the bay” h...

  • Gaza-Israel Conflict

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    Israel is at war with Hamas after the group launched a surprise attack from Gaza into Israel during the Jewish Sabbath and a major holiday.

    In the attack, militants broke through the border fence, entered Israeli towns, and shot at civilians. At least 260 people were killed, including those att...

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    Emmy award-winning weekly news magazine focusing on global current affairs, human interest stories, cultural dialogue, and social impact.

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    Detailed, long-form reports featuring current events in the Americas and crafted by our correspondents deployed throughout the region.

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  • Binge Tso'l Food

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    CGTN America presents Tso’l Food – an American journey through the Chinese kitchen with Gerald Tan.

  • Ukraine Under Attack

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    One year of Russia-Ukraine conflict