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  • U.S. Campus Protests

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    Student protests over the Israel-Hamas conflict have escalated at many college campuses following the arrest of demonstrators at Columbia University in April, 2024.

    The students are calling for universities to separate themselves from companies that are advancing Israel’s military efforts in Gaz...

  • Binge Tso'l Food

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    CGTN America presents Tso’l Food – an American journey through the Chinese kitchen with Gerald Tan.

  • Homeless – Inequality in the U.S.

    In San Francisco, rampant crime, soaring costs and a broken government are driving residents into the streets -- or out of state. Big Story reports on the unraveling of America’s largest economy.

    San Francisco: From the Gold Rush boom to the Silicon Valley era, California’s “city by the bay” h...

  • Coca Growers

    Since declaring the War on Drugs fifty years ago, the US has spent billions in Colombia to fight cocaine. The result: more cocaine than ever before, and a black market that fuels corruption, and weakening states across most of Latin America. It also pushed Colombia into a decades-long armed confl...

  • Lawless – Gangs of Haiti

    Haiti is a broken state. Since the July 2021 assassination of President Jovenel Moise, street gangs armed with military grade weapons from the US have filled the power vacuum, taking control of 90 percent of the capital, Port-au-Prince, and swathes of the countryside. Killing and kidnapping-for-r...

  • Americas Now

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    Join us in uncovering the untold tales that influence our collective future in "Americas Now." Discover the richness, variety, and vitality of the Americas in a whole new way. Every story is a journey, and every journey is an adventure.

  • Full Frame
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    Full Frame

    101 items

    Emmy award-winning weekly news magazine focusing on global current affairs, human interest stories, cultural dialogue, and social impact.

  • Haiti on edge

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    Gang violence, starvation, economic, political and a humanitarian crisis. Haiti is seeing it all. A conflict so complex that neighboring nations are on the edge and many are trying to come up with a resolution.

  • Race in America

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    Racial injustice should not be compared, as lived experiences between Asian, Black, and Brown communities may not be the same. There may be wealth and cultural disparities, and moves to exclude one group as less important than the other only brings further division.

    CGTN America looks at how ...

  • Children Of The Border

    Dozens of children in western Venezuela begin their daily journey to school before 5 a.m. But this is no ordinary school – it is located across the border in Colombia.
    They live in the Guajira peninsula, facing the Caribbean Sea, a region shared by Colombia and Venezuela. The area is also home to...

  • The Handshake

    U.S. President Richard Nixon called his 1972 visit to China "the week that changed the world." But it was the secret trip taken by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger the year before that laid the foundation of the historic meeting that would see China and the United States begin to normalize bila...

  • Gaza-Israel Conflict

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    Israel is at war with Hamas after the group launched a surprise attack from Gaza into Israel during the Jewish Sabbath and a major holiday.

    In the attack, militants broke through the border fence, entered Israeli towns, and shot at civilians. At least 260 people were killed, including those att...