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  • Armed in America

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    A spate of mass shootings amid record gun sales, especially among African-Americans and other minorities in the U.S., and a new president determined to stop the bloodshed. All of this as America’s most prominent gun group faces a threat to its existence.

    In our Armed in America series, CGTN’s Ow...

  • Binge Season 1 of Tso'l Food

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    CGTN America presents Tso’l Food – an American journey through the Chinese kitchen with Gerald Tan.

  • Race in America

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    Racial injustice should not be compared, as lived experiences between Asian, Black, and Brown communities may not be the same. There may be wealth and cultural disparities, and moves to exclude one group as less important than the other only brings further division.

    CGTN America looks at how ...

  • Ukraine Under Attack

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