China's 20th National Congress

China's 20th National Congress

It's an all-important political event for China. Delegates from across the country are meeting in Beijing for the National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

China's 20th National Congress
  • The love for China

    A head of the CPC Meeting in Beijing, CGTN spoke with people about their experience with China and how it’s impacted them to this day.

    Denis Simon who served as the Executive Vice Chancellor of Duke Kunshan University in China, talks about his experience and his outlook on U.S. and Chinese rela...

  • Flying Tigers

    As much as it is well-known and appreciated in China, Flying Tigers enjoys little recognition here in America. It is the name of a small group of U.S. aviators, who volunteered and helped defend the Chinese people against Japan during World War II.

  • Little red shoes

    The relationship between China and U.S. experienced ups and downs, which make people-to-people efforts more precious and important.

    Here is the story of the MacInnis family, whose three-generation friendship with China is laced by a pair of little red shoes.