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  • Spanish town aims to bring in Chinese tourists

    🇪🇸 A town in the south of Spain is hoping that a combination of Flamenco and Chinese visitors can jumpstart its tourism sector. 💃

    Rahul Pathak reports from Seville.

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  • Meet the Kohistani family from Kabul, now in Spain - Refugees stories

    How do you get used to life in a strange country when you’ve fled your own at short notice? Meet the Kohistani family from Kabul, now in Spain and hear thor fears for those left behind.

    Mrs Kohistani was a member of the previous government and a key advisor on women’s rights specialising in rur...

  • CHIPS ARE DOWN - The Agenda with Stephen Cole

    One of the key industrial issues raised by the pandemic has been the worldwide shortage of semiconductors - the chips that now run much of our lives.

    It has led to stoppages at many of the world’s car manufacturers - Volvo, BMW, Volkswagen, Ford and Audi to name but a few, as well as worries fr...

  • EU to engage with Taliban under strict conditions, without recognition

    The European Union has laid out strict conditions under which it will engage with the Taliban but drew a line under recognizing a new government in Afghanistan.

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  • CHIP SUPPLY CHAIN ISSUES: Malcolm Penn, CEO, Future Horizons - The Agenda

    Whilst the covid-19 pandemic has had a serious impact on the semiconductor industry as with so many others, with major disruptions to global supply chains, the key question here is why this sector seems to have been impacted so harshly.
    As Malcolm Penn, Founder and CEO of Future...

  • SEMICONDUCTOR SUSTAINABITY - Jo Shien Ng, University of Sheffield - The Agenda

    The increase in demand for semiconductors shows few signs of slowing. As the world moves to 5G technology, and concerns about climate change drives the desire for electric vehicles, there has never been higher demand for high powered and high-quality computer chips.
    And as well ...

  • WHAT CAUSED THE CHIP SHORTAGE? - The Agenda explains

    At a time when we’ve never been so reliant on semiconductors, just how did the current global shortage come about?

    Here, Stephen Cole looks at just how the chip industry currently operates – and where it might be heading in the future.

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  • Giving rescued hens a new lease of life

    🐔🐓 When they reach 72 weeks old most commercial hens are slaughtered because they start laying less. Not these lucky chickens, on a farm in a remote part of South West England.

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  • Hungary's disappearing lake faces uncertain future

    Lake Velence is Hungary's third largest natural lake – but it's become an environmental crisis with water levels dropping by half over the last two years.

    Activists are concerned the diminishing water levels and changing water quality have caused fish to die, affecting the entire ecosystem.


  • China this week: online gaming reduction for minors, stunning photos from space

    🐢 100-million-year-old turtle-embryo fossil discovered
    🇨🇳🇪🇺 Wang Yi talks up China-EU relations
    🧘🏻 1,600-year-old Buddha statue's feet restored

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  • Germany becomes latest nation to offer booster shots against COVID-19

    Germany has joined the small list of countries offering booster shots to elderly and at-risk people in order to stem a possible COVID-19 winter surge.

    The decision was announced by the country's health ministry in early August after talks between Health Minister Jens Spahn and 16 state premiers...

  • How drones are helping fight rural poverty

    How are drones helping fight rural poverty in China?

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  • Greece 'cannot wait' for EU to prevent migrant crisis

    As thousands of people are still at Kabul’s airport desperately waiting to leave the country, politicians in Greece are trying to stop a new migrant wave from coming to Europe.

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  • Merkel addresses Afghanistan crisis 

    🇩🇪 Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel said she misjudged how the withdrawal of international armed forces from Afghanistan would play out 🇦🇫

    It was her most significant comment about the situation to date.

    Ryan Thompson reports from Frankfurt.

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  • German trains cancelled amid ongoing strike

    Hundreds of long-distance trains have been cancelled in Germany for the second day in a row.

    The nation's largest railway union, GDL, is struggling to reach an agreement over employee compensation with operator Deutsche Bahn. GDL representatives say they are looking for a more generous policy o...

  • 'I hope people hear the voice of our people': Afghans abroad fear for loved ones

    Thirty-six years ago, Zemar Sakha left Afghanistan for London. Now from the UK capital, he looks at the situation unfolding in his native country with deep concern for his loved ones still in Afghanistan - and believes Britain has a duty to help.

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  • As new refugee crisis unfolds, Turkey builds a wall

    As a new humanitarian crisis unfolds and thousands of Afghans flee their country, not all neighboring countries are ready to welcome them. In fact, Turkey is ready to block them with a 295km long wall.

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  • Afghan war takes a more destructive turn

    Taliban forces are increasing their control over large parts of the country as U.S. soldiers prepare to leave Afghanistan.

    Iolo ap Dafydd reports:

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  • Satellites and driverless cars: 10 stories from the week in China

    From extreme winds ripping off roofs of houses in Hebei Province to driverless cars being launched as a test, discover some of the stories you may have missed from China this week👇

  • Hungary first EU country to offer third dose COVID-19 vaccines

    After racing ahead of other EU countries to start rolling out vaccines at the beginning of the year, Hungary is now the first to offer booster jabs.

    No matter what vaccine they've had, anyone is now technically eligible for a third shot, but most will need to wait four months from their second ...

  • Grape expectations: The British wine success story

    This English vineyard is struggling to keep up with demand as English wine,🍷 once shunned by aficionados, is seeing a revival. Climate change is partly the reason.

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  • Residents evacuated and Acropolis shut as fires edge closer to Athens

    People are fleeing their homes as they receive warning notifications and iconic sites are shutting down as the fires which have torn through Greece approach the city of Athens.

    Fires are sweeping across southern Europe in amid blazing temperatures.

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  • Passengers from U.S. and EU arrive in UK as travel restrictions ease

    Reunited at last! For the first time in nearly two years, Karen Tyler got to hug her son as he arrived in the UK from the U.S.

    He is just one of many people coming home for the first time in years as travel restrictions ease.

    Watch Nawied Jabarkhyl’s report from London to learn more: https://...

  • Germany prepares to return looted African artefacts to Nigeria

    The Benin Bronzes are going home. British soldiers stole the Nigerian artefacts in the 19th century before some made their way to Germany.

    But now Germany is going to return them to their home country.

    Trent Murray reports from Berlin.

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