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  • Four-day working week is set to be trialed in Spain

    Would you work harder in a four-day week? Better productivity and work-life balance are the hopes from Spain’s planned trial.

    But Miguel Soldan, law professor at Madrid’s IE Business School, said the problems in Spain's employment sector wouldn't be solved by a move to a shorter working week.


  • The next pandemic hinges on 'the relationship between humans and animals'

    The World Health Organization and the leaders of 23 countries – including Germany, France and the UK – are calling for an international treaty to ensure the next global health emergency is better managed.

    The WHO has also released its long-awaited investigation into the origins of the coronaviru...

  • Germany says it could buy Sputnik V vaccine

    Germany has said it would consider buying Russia's Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine as long as it was approved by European regulators.

    According to the Russian Direct Investment Fund, which is marketing the jab globally, production is scheduled to begin in May.

    "I think it's very important that coun...

  • German holidaymakers face new testing and quarantine rules on arrival

    🇩🇪 A new regulation will require people flying into Germany to take coronavirus tests as of midnight due to rising infection rates.

    🏖 It is bad news for holidaymakers as German travel agents estimated 16,000 tourists have traveled to Mallorca for Easter.

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  • Suez Canal: Fear of delays at Europe's ports as backlog starts moving

    Now the Ever Given container ship has finally been freed after getting stuck in the Suez Canal, the mammoth task of clearing the backlog of hundreds of vessels also begins.

    But businesses in Europe are still left wondering when they will receive their goods and how long it will take before they ...

  • Long Covid- what does it mean and who is most likely to get it? - #RAZOR

    Emma Keeling revisits the issue of “Long Covid” which is a term to describe the effects of COVID-19 that continue for weeks or months beyond the initial illness. Emma talks to Paul Garner from the London School of Tropical Medicine who is a sufferer of Long Covid and has likened its impact to Chr...

  • Spanish Flamenco venues suffer as the pandemic rages on

    💃 From hosting royalty to rockstars for 65 years, the Flamenco venue El Corral de la Moreria has suffered dramatically as their main tourist customer base collapsed thanks to the pandemic.

    🇪🇸 So far, there has been no financial help from the Spanish government.

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  • Why Germany's clean energy drive is endangering wildlife

    Hydrocarbon power plants, fracking for gas and drilling for oil are all synonymous with global warming.

    But head west out of Berlin and slicing through the farmlands of Brandenburg, you will find hundreds of wind turbines.

    They are part of Germany's plan to abandon hydrocarbon power and switch...

  • Lights off! Paris goes dark in eco drive

    "Last week we came to turn off the sign right behind me, and to our surprise, this week it's off," says Kevin Ha, a Parkour enthusiast who's turning off shop lights left on at night.

    Watch the video to see how they're using their training and agility to help the environment.

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  • Spain's COVID-19 free concert

    Organisers in Spain hosted a concert for 5,000 people in Barcelona to see if same-day tests and masks could stop the spread of COVID-19 in large groups.

    If successful, the concert could be used as a model on how to safely host events moving forward. This is particularly important for the music ...

  • Suez Canal crisis

    The Ever Given is partially afloat and nearly free, as the high tide helps salvage teams rescue the 200,000-tons ship that has been blocking the Suez Canal for almost a week now.

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  • Supermarket workers win key court case in battle for equal pay

    🛒 Asda shop workers, who are mainly female, say their jobs are the same as warehouse staff, who are mainly male and paid more. The Supreme Court agrees and 44,000 claimants will now push for equal pay.

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  • How virtual auctions are driving record art sales amid the pandemic

    It's said the art market experiences a crisis every 10 years.

    You might imagine the pandemic has been the most demanding crisis yet, as it grounds planes, closes art galleries and drains the wallets of millions of people around the world.

    However, the European president of the esteemed auction...

  • France to tighten COVID-19 controls at stations, airports and on roads

    After introducing a new partial lockdown, French police will increase checks on travelers to ensure they don’t flout new rules on travel between areas with high numbers of cases 🇫🇷 🚙

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  • UK foreign students call for fees refund

    An online petition has been set up in the UK by international students who want the government to refund some of their tuition fees.

    The petition, which has already received more 32,000 signatures, says “lockdowns have had a massive impact on quality of teaching and student experience”. It's cal...

  • German cities likely to lose $600m in Greensill Bank insolvency

    On the banks of the Rhine river in northeastern Germany, Monheim-am-Rhein has a small-town feel with the deep pockets of a big city. The town of 43,000 is full of quaint alleyways and small shops. Neighbors tend to greet each other by name.

    But the charm is only half of the appeal. Midway betwe...

  • People’s lockdown secrets revealed in postcards

    People are sharing their lockdown secrets in an anonymous postcard project at Marby and Elm letterpress stationery shop in London, where people are sharing the lockdown confessions, including food anecdotes, hygiene confession and relationship stories. ✉️ 🖋️

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  • 'Celestial' French wines return from space

    After months in space, 12 bottles of “mythical wine” and 320 Cabernet Sauvignon vine shots have returned from their voyage in outer space. 🍷 ✨

    Scientists at the institute of Vine and Wine Sciences (ISVV) are analyzing the “celestial” French wines to test their resilience to the absence of gravi...

  • Why Geely's new luxury electric vehicle Zeekr should have Tesla 'concerned'

    Tesla could face a serious challenge from car maker Geely’s Zeekr, says David Bailey of the University of Birmingham.

    Tesla's Model 3 is the best-selling premium electric vehicle in China where Zeekr will first try to get a foothold.

    Geely uses the same underlying technology across all these di...

  • Spain resumes using the AstraZeneca vaccine after EU investigation

    🇪🇸 On the journey to hit their 70% summer target, the Spanish government has restarted its use of the AstraZeneca vaccine, despite polls finding that public confidence in the vaccine has fallen.

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  • Adventurer Ed Stafford shares his ultimate lockdown survival tips

    Ed Stafford, is a famous British adventurer who holds the Guinness World Record for being the first person to hike the Amazon River.

    Having survived in some of the world’s most extreme environments, which is tough mentally in addition to physically, Stafford shares some of his top tips for copi...

  • Chinese defense minister visits Budapest for official talks

    🇭🇺 Wei Fenghe meets Hungary’s president and defense minister at the start of a tour that will also take in Serbia, Greece and North Macedonia.

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  • Berlin seeks fewer cars for the city's future

    Rush hour in Berlin, Germany can be hectic. A 10-minute ride from Potsdamer Platz to Alexanderplatz can easily take up to 40 minutes on a Friday afternoon. From the wide boulevards and narrow cobblestone streets, the capital city is always busy, but that might soon change.

    An initiative by Berli...

  • Tencent-Warner Music deal provides 'global stage for Chinese talent'

    What do artists Dua Lipa, Lizzo and Ed Sheeran all have in common?🧐
    They’re about to become 'impossible to ignore' in China.🇨🇳

    🎤 Warner Music has signed a fresh deal with tech giant Tencent to stream its artists to a fast-growing Chinese market👇