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CGTN Europe
  • Frances Wood #BridgeBuilders 🇨🇳 🇬🇧

    Frances Wood spent decades at the British Library restoring and curating China’s cultural treasures, including the world’s oldest dated printed book. 📖

    Watch the video to see why she thinks it should be returned. #BridgeBuilders

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  • Spanish Ryanair staff on strike over pay and conditions

    Spain-based Ryanair cabin crew plan to strike for 12 days in July to demand better working conditions, meaning there is a high chance of travel chaos during peak summer tourist season. ✈️

    Rahul Pathak reports 🔗

  • Tensions mounts on Ukraine/Belarus border

    ‘Everyone is afraid. Only stupid people aren’t afraid’

    Ukraine defense officials believe Belarus has moved seven battalions closer to the border. They don't think Belarus is about to invade – but they can't rule it out.

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  • Polio found in London sewage

    Is the UK becoming complacent on #polio? 💉

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  • Germany delays coal reduction plans

    🇩🇪 At the start of this year, the operators of Munich's North thermal power station, Stadtwerke München (SWM) were on track to convert the use of coal at the facility to natural gas much earlier than anticipated, and then the conflict in Ukraine began.

    They are now keen to delay the transition f...

  • Uncertainty for thousands of Greek workers as 'COVID-19 contracts' end.

    More than 3,000 people hired during the pandemic to keep Greek municipal and regional services afloat will lose their jobs by the end of the month.

    Athens announced that as COVID-19 measures are being loosened in the country the services of people checking QR codes, sanitizing public parks and ...

  • Meet the #BridgeBuilders

    Bridge Builders is our homage to the heroes who pioneered greater understanding between the UK and China, and the new generation of people who live and work in both places, transcending national boundaries by bridging both cultures. Meet historian Michael Wood, trade icebreaker Stephen Perry, SAC...

  • A landmark treaty to end plastic pollution

    193 countries have agreed to take part in an ambitious, legally binding UN treaty to end plastic pollution. Crucially, the treaty aims to confront the crisis at its core – by tackling the material's entire supply chain. But is this deal workable...and will it make a dent on the nearly 400 million...

  • The race to clear explosives from Ukraine bathing hotspot

    A demining team looks for unexploded materials to clear the Blue Lake area near Kyiv as summer bathing season approaches in the midst of Russia's military attacks on Ukraine.

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  • Boosting biodiversity #RAZOR

    Our climate is changing but what does this mean for plant life and the future of food? Higher temperatures and shifting precipitation patterns are causing plants to bloom earlier, creating unpredictable growing seasons that may lead to food shortages. And important connections between pollinators...

  • At the frontline with the pro-Russian forces

    ‘Pounding hooves into the ground, eager to start’ – ’Abkhaz’, a leader of pro-Russian forces in Donbas says his men are ready to fight in an exclusive CGTN interview.

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  • ‘Pace over perfection’ how businesses can weather the global turbulence

    ‘Pace over perfection’ how businesses can weather the global turbulence.

  • Fighting monkeypox in Spain

    Single-minded empathy is what we need to beat viral epidemics like monkeypox, says Spanish researcher Susanna Guerra. But we haven’t managed it yet. 🦠

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  • Fighting for a life in Europe: Iranian refugee becomes MMA star

    #MMA fighter #PashaRafiei was forced to leave Iran after supporting protests which led to his arrest and persecution. 🇮🇷 His friend #Navidafkari was later executed. After years in a refugee camp, Pasha is a hit London coach and a star in the cage representing #UK. 🇬🇧 🥊

  • Explore the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew on #BiodiversityDay 🍃 🌸 🌳

    Did you know that today is the International Day for Biological Diversity? 🌍

    Explore the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew with CGTN Europe, and find out what is being done to protect biodiversity. 🍃 🌸 🌳 #BiodiversityDay

  • Supply chain setbacks put brakes on automotive sector

    Ukraine-related supply chain problems is adding to the big problems facing the automotive industry.

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  • EU vows new energy shake-up will replace Russian fuel with green growth

    The EU has announced a new energy policy designed to reduce dependency on #Russia and boost #GreenEnergy by investing hundreds of billions of euros.

    CGTN Europe’s Mark Webster reports from Brussels.

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  • UK roadblocks to onshore wind turbines

    The UK government has set ambitious targets to double the amount of wind energy it produces by the end of the decade. But many experts such as Andrew Garrad believe the new energy strategy is flawed, as cheaper onshore wind farms are not part of the plan.

    John Bevir spoke to Dale Vince, founder ...

  • 50:50 chance of exceeding climate change 'tipping point' soon, WMO reports

    50%: chance of breaking through 1.5° level by 2026
    93%: chance one of next 5 years is hottest ever
    The World Meteorological Organization’s forecast is: TOO HOT 🔥

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  • Global financial crisis to last until 'war is stopped'

    Former UN advisor Jeffrey Sachs told CGTN Europe the ‘poorest countries’ will continue to suffer most from short-term food shortages as a result of the conflict in Ukraine.

    But he added the whole world would be affected in some ways.

    While richer countries might be able to survive on other s...

  • Hungary defiant in face of EU's 'unacceptable' Russian oil embargo

    Budapest says Hungary's energy security could be jeopardized if the EU imposes a ban on Russian oil, calling the plans ‘unacceptable’ and vowing to veto them.

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  • German school helping Ukrainian kids cope with trauma

    Munich’s ‘school of hope’ offers psychological and educational support to 250 children from Ukraine. 🙏

    In Germany, it is mandatory for these children to start at local schools three months after they arrive, so those who came at the start of the conflict will soon have to be transferred to the r...

  • Greece drops COVID-19 restrictions

    With the tourist season imminent, Greece has reduced its pandemic requirements – and offered more booster jabs. But not everybody agrees, as CGTN’s Evangelo Sipsas reports from Athens.

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  • Going underground in Odesa

    In a city where there’s no underground metro network, where can residents shelter when they hear an air raid siren?

    A group of volunteers in Odesa have been preparing the catacombs that lie beneath the city, ready to withstand Russian missiles.