Border Lines

Border Lines

Southwest U.S. border migration crisis

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Border Lines
  • Why migrants cross illegally?

    Human smuggling is a multi-billion-dollar business worldwide, and one of the most active places is the U.S.-Mexico border.

    With thousands of migrants currently waiting on a chance on humanitarian parole on the northern side, the indefinite wait leads many to take their chances on illegal crossin...

  • Migrants in limbo at El Paso

    As migration flows continue at high levels towards the U.S.-Mexico border, it’s not just on the Mexican side where migrants find themselves in limbo.

    In the state of Texas, the city of El Paso also has a migrant crisis on its streets, as migrants try to remain inside the country, and ask for as...

  • Forced to sleep on the streets

    At the U.S.-Mexico border, a migration crisis has seen migrants at shelters filled past capacity.

    That's forced many refugees to sleep on the streets this winter. While daytime temperatures in this region are generally mild, temperatures at night can plummet to near freezing and sometimes below...

  • Why the new U.S. asylum process is problematic?

    The U.S. has implemented new humanitarian visa regulations designed to reduce the number of migrants physically showing up and attempting to cross the border with Mexico.

    But with migrant numbers already at crisis numbers on the Mexican side, the new rules are often proving problematic to see t...