Black History Month

Black History Month

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Black History Month
  • African-America studies vs Florida

    An advanced and optional course on African American studies for high school students in the U.S. is generating great controversy.

    It was designed in the wake of the social injustice protests in 2020, to engage students in deep debate about African American history, culture, and movements.


  • Fighting gerrymandering

    Residents and voting rights advocates fought the city of Jacksonville, Florida for redistricting election borders that disenfranchised Black voters -- and they won.

    They hope their success story will help other Black voting rights groups combat gerrymandering also.

  • Black quarterbacks make history

    Sunday’s Super Bowl will be particularly significant because for the first time two Black athletes will quarterback their teams. It’s a major milestone.

    But one celebrated Black former college quarterback says, when it comes to race, the National Football league still has a long way to go.