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Americas Now | In-Depth

Detailed, long-form reports featuring current events in the Americas and crafted by our correspondents deployed throughout the region.

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Americas Now | In-Depth
  • Voices from The Wall

    ‘The wall’ between the United States and Mexico has become as divisive politically and socially as it is literally. A key platform during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, ‘the wall’ has continued to make global news. But as construction continues to reinforce sections of the barrier, the num...

  • Seattle: The first US COVID-19 Epicenter

    It all began at a nursing home in Washington state. Or at least that is what it was known at the time. When the first deaths from the coronavirus took place researchers began testing and scientists sounded the alarm. But the invisible enemy was already spreading throughout the community.

  • Arms trafficking is a “Big Business” in Central America

    MS-13 is one of the most dangerous gangs in Central America.

    In El Salvador, almost one out of every 10 people is involved in gangs and criminal activity. The gangs are well-armed but where are they getting their weapons?

    Correspondent Mike Kirsch went to San Salvador looking for answers.

  • Indigenous communities fight HIV deep in the Peru's Amazon rainforest

  • A worsening epidemic targeting Mexicans

  • Rural hospital closures impact communities in the U.S.

    Rushing to the hospital has become a familiar scene during the pandemic. But for those living in rural areas, getting to the closest medical center can be a “big” challenge. It’s true all around the world including the United States where dozens of hospitals in the countryside have been shut down...

  • Federal Forces Deployed to Control Protests

    2020 has been a year of demonstrations and political turmoil in the US. The answer from the White House to the protests has been a “law and order” campaign that included the deployment of federal forces. Mike Kirsh went to Kenosha, Wisconsin during an explosive week of riots.

  • COVID-19 aggravating Brazil’s Jails Crisis

    As the largest and most inhabited country in South America, Brazil has also the largest population of people in jail. The number of inmates rises so fast, that the prison system can't properly accommodate them, leading to overcrowding and violence. Correspondent Maria Vals explain why hundreds ar...

  • COVID-19 Has Hit Undocumented Immigrants Hardest

    Among those most severely impacted by Covid-19 in the United States are Hispanic migrants who’ve been losing their jobs in significant numbers A few months ago just five percent of them were unemployed. Today nearly 20 percent are out of work.
    Perhaps suffering the most are undocumented workers...