How the U.S. Lost Afghanistan

How the U.S. Lost Afghanistan

How the U.S. Lost Afghanistan
  • Some also died from gunshots during Kabul airport attack: Eyewitnesses

    Some people also died of gunshots fired by foreign forces during the Kabul airport attack on August 26, injured witnesses in Kabul hospital told the China Media Group (CMG). Not all casualties were caused by the suicide bombing, for which ISIS-K claimed responsibility. Some were shot by the U.S. ...

  • A Long Lost War: The U.S. Military in Afghanistan

    The last four decades have seen Afghanistan exist as a nation ravaged by perpetual war following successive invasions by the Soviet Union and the United States. Today, left mainly on its own, Afghanistan remains in a state of civil unrest as its government continues its battle for hegemony agains...

  • The lives of Afghan’s under insurgent rule

    After nearly two decades of fighting, insurgents- the Taliban and ISIL- control large areas of Afghanistan. Civilian deaths were at record numbers last year.
    We examine the effect attacks are having on Afghans and how a suicide attack can destroy families.

  • Afghan war takes a more destructive turn

    Taliban forces are increasing their control over large parts of the country as U.S. soldiers prepare to leave Afghanistan.

    Iolo ap Dafydd reports:

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  • Full Frame: Countering Extremism

    Early data suggests that during the pandemic, terrorism increased in some parts of the world. Host Mike Walter speaks to Kyle Dietrich, Director of Peacebuilding for Equal Access International, and Orzala Nemat, director of the Kabul-based think tank, Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit.