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  • How Cuban divers are creating corals

    A small group of Cuban dive instructors launched a project to grow corals and replant them in hope to restore part of Cuba's barrier reef.

    The team would collect fragments of coral from the bottom of the ocean and hang them underwater on branches they made from old plastic plumbing and supporte...

  • Colombia covered in toxic foam

    Outside of Colombia's capital city, a community is being hit by a putrid foam substance, that environmentalists say is due to polluted river water.

  • Will the U.S. overturn abortion rights?

    Abortion shot back to the top of the U.S. political agenda on Tuesday after a bombshell leak of what appears to be the Supreme Court's majority view.

    A draft opinion purportedly shows the court ready to overturn the landmark ruling that nearly a half-century ago made abortion a nationwide legal ...

  • Are penguins becoming extinct?

    Climate change is impacting emperor penguins in Antarctica and their habitats.

    Their ice colonies are melting, killing many baby chicks. See how.

  • How to protect birds from influenza?

    Wild birds have helped spread the deadly H5N1 avian influenza. The current outbreak has infected more than 35 million chickens and other birds in the U.S.

    CGTN talked to one poultry producer about the steps he's taken to protect his flock from the virus.

  • Can the U.S. tax the rich?

    U.S. Democrats and progressives have been trying to implement a wealth tax for the ultra-rich. What will it take to get it done? Party Politics US' Atiba Madyun shares his perspective.

  • Rich getting richer amid COVID-19

    During the first two years of the pandemic, U.S. billionaires increased their wealth by $1.7 trillion while many could barely make ends meet. How did they do it? Economist Anthony Chan breaks it down.

  • MOMENT: Tornado rips through U.S. city

    Over 1,000 buildings were destroyed when a tornado ripped through Andover, Kansas on Sat. April 30. Incredibly no one was killed and only four people reported minor injuries from the 21 minutes-long EF3 twister which ran ground for 13 miles (21 km) with wind speeds of 165 mph (266 kph).

  • The life of Bruce Lee

    Closed for months during the pandemic, the Chinese Historical Society of America in San Francisco has re-opened with a punch. It’s launching the We Are Bruce Lee Exhibit.

  • Harvard & the legacy of slavery

    A report released this week by Harvard University examines the prestigious schools’ ties to slavery.

    The school acknowledges it benefited from racial discrimination.

    The university says it will donate money to further research and publicize its ties to slavery, but will not make direct financ...

  • Florida vs Disneyland

    Florida ​is proving fertile ground for a spate of culture wars, pitting its Republican governor ​against Democrats and progressives, even Disney.

    The entertainment giant is the governor's latest target following its public stand on the rights and safety of the LGBTQ community.

  • Why eggs are so expensive

    Aaron Rice raises three-thousand chickens for eggs and for meat. He says his free range and pasture-based growing methods.

    His birds deliver 2,500 eggs each day during high season in the springtime. While his Northern Colorado operation is relatively small.

    It is potentially vulnerable to disea...

  • What triggered the 1992 Los Angeles Riots

    It's been 30 years since white Los Angeles police officers brutally beat Rodney King, a Black man, after a traffic stop.

    The images were caught on camera and shook the country.

    The police officers involved were later acquitted, leading to one of the most violent race riots in modern U.S. histor...

  • How the 1992 LA riots affected Asians

    It's been 30 years since Los Angeles police officers brutally beat Rodney King after a traffic stop.

    The shocking images were caught on camera and shook the country.

    The police officers involved were later acquitted, leading to five days of deadly race riots.

    The Korean and Asian-American c...

  • What's next for Elon Musk?

    Twitter users across the world on Tuesday were coming to terms with a seismic shift for one of the most influential social media platforms after the company agreed to let Elon Musk buy it.

    Musk, who became the world’s richest man running electric car maker Tesla, says he’s buying Twitter to def...

  • Trump found in contempt of court

    Ten thousand dollars a day. That’s what Donald Trump has been ordered to pay by a judge who has found him in contempt of court.

    It’s just one of many stories swirling around the controversial former U.S. president.

    CGTN’s Jim Spellman reports.

  • Step into Yayoi Kusama's world

    It’s been a two-year wait due to the pandemic but finally the polka-dotted, interactive works of Japan’s Yayoi Kusama are back in the U.S. capital.

    There are queues outside Washington, D.C.‘s Hirshorn Museum as visitors wait to nab one of the free tickets.

    CGTN’s Kate Fisher joins the crowds to...

  • Is it the right time to drop mask mandates?

    Many countries are relaxing safety protocols, such as not requiring COVID-19 tests from travelers and dropping mask mandates. But with new variants emerging and the infection rate going up, what could be the consequences? Scientist William Haseltine explains.

  • Should I still wear a mask on a plane?

    COVID-19 masks are no longer required on planes, trains, and buses in the United States. That's the decision of a federal judge in Florida.

    The White House worries the decision comes before the coronavirus pandemic has ended and may appeal the decision.

  • YAY or NAY: 4-day work week?

    How many hours a week would you like to work? In the U.S. state of California, some legislators say the current 40-hour workweek is too much and are working to trim down those hours.

    CGTN’s Mark Niu reports.

  • The 1880 anti-Chinese riot in U.S.

    It took 142 years but Denver, Colorado, has formally apologized for an anti-Chinese race riot that took place in that city. The violence back in 1880 wiped out Denver’s Chinatown district. It reflected the type of anti-Asian sentiment that’s surfaced to some degree in the U.S. in recent years. CG...

  • Brazil's indigenous demand land protection

    As an agricultural powerhouse, Brazil has a huge demand for fertilizers. Many of them are potassium-based, and much of it is sourced in Russia and Belarus.

    The conflict in Ukraine disrupted the flow of this important mineral and led to calls by Brazilian farmers and politicians for strategies to...

  • Tracking police-involved shootings

    A group of university researchers are putting together a database using information from the U.S. Census, the FBI and other sources, in order to get a more accurate estimate on the number of deadly police-involved incidents and better understand the factors that lead to them.

    CGTN’s Ediz Tiyansa...

  • Come along for a trash tour

    The U.S. government estimates the average American throws away nearly five pounds of garbage every day. That's more than two kilograms. But much of what's tossed out is recyclable, reusable... or even edible. CGTN’s Sarah Walton met up with one group teaching the public how to find treasures amon...