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Why did an artist paint in the middle of a desert?

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Why are farmers in India throwing milk?

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  • Why did an artist paint in the middle...

    In the midst of Oman's vast desolate desert, a giant painting of a small child igniting a lightbulb recently emerged, next to the site of the Ibri 2 solar power plant. The 100m piece of art is the work of Swiss-French artist Sayp.

  • Why are all these fish dead?

    Hundreds of thousands of fish have been found floating in the Darling River in Australia on Friday, March 17. Officials didn't give a cause but tweeted that there are concerns about "dissolved oxygen levels" in that area.

  • Why all the drama about TikTok?

    The Biden administration is demanding that the Chinese owners of TikTok either divest their stakes in the app or face a potential ban in the U.S., the company told Reuters on March 15. The move adds drama to tensions that have been brewing for years. What’s all the fuss about?