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How to recycle car batteries

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The historic treaty to protect marine life

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  • How to recycle car batteries

    The popularity of electric cars is surging around the world. But along with the demand, there are questions. What happens to all the old EV batteries as the first generation of electric car batteries reach the end of their lives and are no longer enough to power a car?

  • Why are Israel and Iran arch enemies?

    Iran once vowed to wipe Israel off the “face of the earth” and said that the Holocaust was a "myth."

    Israel has periodically attacked Iran in an attempt to halt its threatening nuclear capabilities.

    It might come as a surprise to know that these two warring nations were once… friends.

    So, what...

  • What is the latest target for neo-Nazis?

    The U.S. power grid has become the primary target for white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups in the United States.

    The FBI announced on Feb. 6 that they thwarted an attack on Baltimore's power grid by a Sarah Beth Clendaniel of Maryland conspiring with Brandon Russell, the head of a small neo-Naz...