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Duante Wright's mother on son's murder

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Taliban forces women to fully cover bodies

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  • Duante Wright's mother on son's murder

    Just over one year ago, while the world was watching the George Floyd murder trial, another Black man was killed by police on the outskirts of Minneapolis during a traffic stop.

    Twenty-year-old Daunte Wright was shot by officer Kim Potter. Potter says she mistakenly used a gun instead of a taser...

  • How Cuban divers are creating corals

    A small group of Cuban dive instructors launched a project to grow corals and replant them in hope to restore part of Cuba's barrier reef.

    The team would collect fragments of coral from the bottom of the ocean and hang them underwater on branches they made from old plastic plumbing and supporte...

  • Colombia covered in toxic foam

    Outside of Colombia's capital city, a community is being hit by a putrid foam substance, that environmentalists say is due to polluted river water.