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What is carbon bombing?

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People watch 13-year old in distress than help

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  • What is carbon bombing?

    The most important climate summit of the year gets underway in Egypt next week.

    COP27 will bring together governments from around the globe to discuss ways to tackle climate change.

    But many of these leaders will be coming from countries sitting on massive ‘carbon bombs’ - oil, gas, and coal mi...

  • Is hybrid the future of work?

    While last year company executives pushed for a mass return to the office that never really materialized amid what was dubbed the Great Resignation, 2023 might usher in a new era of concessions, despite signs of a labor market that is starting to cool, highlighted by large scale layoffs in the te...

  • Meet Digit, the walking robot

    There’s always been fear over robots taking over human jobs. Some of that anxiety dissipated during the COVID-19 pandemic, as businesses found themselves understaffed and needing robot help.

    See how robotic technology advanced during the pandemic as CGTN’s Mark Niu checks out the ROBObusiness co...