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  • Have we closed the gender gap?

    Despite significant strides toward gender equality, the International Monetary Fund says labor markets around the world continue to be divided along gender lines. Female participation in the labor force is lower than male participation. What’s hindering change?

  • California's historic storms and its affect on agriculture

    California has been pummeled this winter by 10 atmospheric rivers. They may have provided a respite from a mega drought the state has been facing, but excessive rainfall has caused widespread damage on properties and farmland.

  • Living with Parkinson's in Venezuela

    One of the many consequences of the on-going economic crisis in Venezuela is the high cost of medicine. It's especially difficult for elderly patients who suffer from Parkinson's disease and cannot afford their treatment.

  • Brazilian President Lula marks tumultuous 100 days in office

    Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is marking his 100th day mark in office on April 10. The 77-year-old left-wing leader was elected for a third term that began January 1, after ruling with record approval ratings during his first two terms, from 2003 to 2010. His challenge today is gov...

  • Volcano eruption covers Russia Far East in ash

    Russia’s Shiveluch volcano erupted in the Far East Kamchatka Peninsula, spewing ash across the region and sending up plumes of dark smoke. Take a look.

  • Who is going to pay for climate change?

    As the heavyweights of the financial world meet in Washington, DC, for the World Bank and IMF spring meetings, one pressing issue taking center stage is finding better ways to tackle climate change around the world and especially in vulnerable places.

  • This police rabbit brings joy to officers

    Right before Easter Sunday, the police department in Yuba City, California offered up a unique promotion to one of their own who is now officially a "wellness officer". The twist is, the promotion went to a rabbit. Check it out.

  • Toymaker creates lifelike pet plushies for grieving owners

    Since 2019, David Tan, a Filipino toy maker has helped thousands of animal lovers cope with their lost pets by offering the service of creating realistic replicas of them. Take a look.

  • 2023 Harvard College China Forum aims to bridge China-U.S. relations

    China experts from the world of academia, government and business gathered at Harvard University to attend the 26th Harvard College China Forum.

  • St. Paul sandwich features elements of Chinese cuisine

    The sandwich is a staple food here in the U.S., but the famous St. Paul sandwich in the city of St. Louis is a version with a Chinese twist.

  • Three years of rent protections set to end in Los Angeles

    For nearly three years during the COVID-19 pandemic, tenants who couldn't pay their rent were protected from eviction in Los Angeles. But now those safeguards have ended.

  • Tornadoes tear through U.S. South and Midwest

    A series of fierce storms and tornadoes have devastated swaths of the U.S. South and Midwest over the weekend, killing at least 32 people and injuring many others.

  • Fire at a Mexican detention center killed at least 39 migrants

    Mexican authorities have begun a murder investigation following a fire that killed at least 39 migrants in a Mexican detention facility in the border city of Ciudad Juarez.

  • Tornadoes cause heavy damage in Arkansas

    A series of storms and tornadoes in the U.S. over the weekend has killed at least 32 people. The cities of Wynne and Little Rock in the U.S. state of Arkansas were among the hardest hit areas.

  • Home buying challenges in Venezuela

    Homeownership is a distant dream for many Venezuelans. Here's why.

  • Laid-off high-tech visa holders in the U.S. scrambling to find jobs

    Tech companies in the U.S. have laid off over 120,000 workers. It is even more stressful for those on H1-B visa to find jobs.

  • Zebra on the loose

    What would you do if you saw a zebra running wild on the streets? Well, that's exactly what happened in Seoul, South Korea! Sero, a young zebra, escaped from his zoo and trotted his way through busy streets for hours before he was finally tranquilized and safely returned to his home. There were n...

  • Why anti-semitism is rising in the U.S.

    2022 saw a record number of antisemitic incidents in the U.S. That’s according to a new report from the Anti-Defamation League.

    Harassment, vandalism and assaults aimed at Jews have all increased across the country.

    CGTN’s Jim Spellman reports.

  • Protestors rush Israel PM residence

  • Tornadoes rip through Mississippi

    A tornado barreled through the town of Rolling Fork, Mississippi overnight Friday. Rescuers are searching for survivors. Hundreds of people are left homeless. At least 25 people are dead and dozens injured.

  • Why are farmers in India throwing milk?

    Farmers poured milk on roads in Usilampatti, India, as dairy farmers protested a decrease in the price set by the government for the purchase of milk.

  • Why did an artist paint in the middle of a desert?

    In the midst of Oman's vast desolate desert, a giant painting of a small child igniting a lightbulb recently emerged, next to the site of the Ibri 2 solar power plant. The 100m piece of art is the work of Swiss-French artist Sayp.

  • Why are all these fish dead?

    Hundreds of thousands of fish have been found floating in the Darling River in Australia on Friday, March 17. Officials didn't give a cause but tweeted that there are concerns about "dissolved oxygen levels" in that area.

  • Why all the drama about TikTok?

    The Biden administration is demanding that the Chinese owners of TikTok either divest their stakes in the app or face a potential ban in the U.S., the company told Reuters on March 15. The move adds drama to tensions that have been brewing for years. What’s all the fuss about?