Innovation, Action, Change

Innovation, Action, Change

Poverty eradication is the UN’s No.1 Sustainable Development Goal. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc, but were we doing well enough anyway?

CGTN Europe’s ‘Innovation, Action, Change’ is an hour-long special program highlighting the progress that has been made, the challenges to be overcome and the technological advances to get us over the line.

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Innovation, Action, Change
  • Pandemic makes Spanish slum reliant on charity

    Just outside Spain’s capital Madrid, Canada Real, a 14km stretch of shanty towns, is one of Europe’s most impoverished areas. With no shops, it hit a crisis point when the country entered lockdown - so how did the residents survive?

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  • From forgotten village to desirable destination

    The rundown village of Hebian was isolated and shabby, with locals forced to work away from home. Then a professor had a strange idea: what if we make it a high-end retreat for conferences and tourism?

  • Has empowerment changed women's lives?

    Oxford University’s Emily Cousens answers the big questions, including whether feminism has worked in Europe, whether women are equal to men, whether that equality comes at the expense of choice – and what female empowerment actually means.


  • How drones are helping fight rural poverty

    How are drones helping fight rural poverty in China?

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  • Poland’s poverty-busting pandemic - explained

    Poland has one of Europe’s lowest poverty rates. How did it avoid the worst effects of the pandemic?

    Economist Pawel Bukowski explains the major reasons, including its strong manufacturing sector – and an unusual kind of universal childcare allowance that makes a difference to millions.

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