Crisis in Afghanistan

Crisis in Afghanistan

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Crisis in Afghanistan
  • ISIL bombs outside Kabul airport

    Several and dead and dozens more are injured after two suicide bombers exploded near Kabul airport on Thursday.

    Hundreds have been gathering outside the airport in hopes of getting onto a flight out of the country.

  • Nowhere to go

    Conflict within Afghanistan is displacing families, leaving many homeless and in need of basic necessities.

    The UN warns thousands are in need of humanitarian assistance.

  • Following the Taliban's takeover

    The Taliban quickly took over Afghanistan after U.S. President Joe Biden announced the withdrawal of troops from the country.

    Now thousands of people are struggling to live.

  • Women under Taliban rule

    What will happen to the women in Afghanistan?

    Many inside the country and around the world are questioning what life will be like a second time under Taliban rule.

    The Taliban says they will keep women’s rights within "the limits of Islam," but what does that mean?

  • Who funds the Taliban?

    What do we know about the finances of the Islamic fundamentalist group of about 80,000 fighters?

    Primary sources of Taliban funding according to a UN report are Drug trafficking, extortion & ransom, mineral exploitation, tax collection, and donations.

  • Afghan war: What changed in 20 years?

    Chaotic images from Kabul have been seen around the world, as millions attempt to flee the country now under Taliban control, while the U.S. completes its withdrawal from Afghanistan after 20 years of fighting.

    The most recent crisis has brought up questions about what was gained by the U.S. aft...

  • Under Taliban, the growing Opium trade

    Despite the chaos besetting Afghanistan and the fall of Kabul to the Taliban, the illegal drug trade has continued to thrive out of the country, according to reports from the United Nations.

    The Taliban found ways to continue by profiting from Afghanistan’s opium and heroin trade, despite 15 yea...

  • UN & Afghanistan

    The United Nations has vowed to remain in Afghanistan and continue its work towards peace and development.

    Aid workers say Afghans need their help now more than ever, but that the deteriorating situation “could erase hard-won development progress over the past 20 years.”

  • A trip down memory lane

    CGTN's Sean Callebs walks down the memory lane of visiting Afghanistan in 2017 and reporting on life under Taliban rule.

  • The cost of war

    “Blood and treasure” is a term ​that's been used to describe the toll of warfare. For the United States, the conflict in Afghanistan has cost a lot of both, but America is hardly the only country that paid the price.

  • America’s influence after Afghanistan

    As the U.S. nears the conclusion of its war in Afghanistan and evacuates remaining officials and refugees, what happens next?

    President Biden says even though there won't be troops on the ground, the U.S. will still support the Afghan people.

    But after a bungled withdrawal plan and the Taliban ...

  • Afghans face economic ruin

    In a week after The Taliban took control of Kabul, daily life for people in Afghanistan has become a struggle, with jobs gone, banks closed, and soaring food prices.

  • Afghan refugees at U.S. army base

    On Wednesday, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said more than 82,000 people have been evacuated ahead of the August 31st deadline to withdraw from Afghanistan. Refugees will be housed at three U.S. military installations. Dan Williams reports.

  • Helping Afghan refugees

    Preparations are underway to resettle Afghans in various countries, including America. Some 20 U.S. states have already offered to take in the refugees. They’ll need plenty of help when they arrive.
    CGTN’s Hendrik Sybrandy reports from Colorado.

  • Afghan refugees touchdown in U.S.

    Afghan refugees who have made it to the United States are arriving with few resources after a harrowing journey. They face a long process of resettlement, but many in Afghan American community are rallying around them.

  • U.S. Afghan families worried

    The events in Afghanistan have caused concern and anguish in Afghan communities across the United States.

    It is especially disturbing for those with family members who helped U.S. forces in Afghanistan with the potential threat of repercussions from the Taliban.

  • Anger of Afghans in the U.S.

    The Taliban’s takeover of the Afghan capital, Kabul, has sparked concern and anger from some members of the country’s diaspora living in the United States, as has President Biden's statement standing squarely behind the decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan after 20 years of war.