CPC 100 years: New Endeavors

CPC 100 years: New Endeavors

As we mark the centenary of the founding of China's Communist Party, CGTN America's special series called 'New Endeavors' showcases the stories of ordinary Chinese people.

CPC 100 years: New Endeavors
  • New Endeavors

    This year China celebrates the centennial of its political party's founding and a new vision for how to run a global superpower. 'New Endeavors' looks at how the country's priorities put into action have lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty and built world-class infrastructure and technolog...

  • China's Modern Agriculture

    This week marks the centenary of the founding of China's Communist Party. With only 10 percent of the world's land resources, China needs to feed 20 percent of the world's population.

    Since 1978, China has already managed to lift more than 800 million people out of poverty - most of them in rur...

  • Technology and Sustainable development

    For our second day of special coverage marking the centenary of China's Communist Party, we take a look at the construction sector and the people making things work.

    During some of the worst moments of the coronavirus in Wuhan, Chinese workers came together and built a hospital in just 10 days....

  • Shield tunneling machines

    Shield machines are indispensable when it comes to large-scale tunnel projects such as urban subways, mountain tunnels, and sea crossing tunnels. Large shield machines can even reach five or six stories high and more than a decade ago, shield machines depended on importing equipment.

    Now, the ...