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Americas Now | Environment

Stunning stories about the challenges and achievements of society in its effort to balance development with nature.

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Americas Now | Environment
  • Wood figurines feed Amazon forest communities

    They may be simple little images of local wildlife from Brazil’s Amazon rainforest but for those who sell them -- and for the tourists who buy them -- they’re more than just a trinket. These little figurines are helping feed hundreds of families -- while giving visitors an endearing memory of the...

  • Dam fears spark protests in Puerto Vallarta

    An idyllic spot near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where a mountain river meets the sea has long been loved for its wildlife and natural beauty. But a recent move by a local company to allegedly “dam up” the Los Horcones river sparked outrage and activism that went far beyond the town.   

    Local reside...

  • A polluted river causes severe health problems in Mexico

    The world’s rivers are some of the most vital natural resources, sustaining life wherever they flow. But in Mexico, one water body is causing real problems, making environmental concerns grow over industrial and urban development.

  • Could private conservationism save the Amazon?

    It’s a question that is becoming increasingly urgent as concern grows that the world’s largest original forest – a key defense against global warming – risks being destroyed by farming, logging and climate change.

    One solution may lie partly in private hands.


    In 1990, the government ...

  • Crocodile whisperer rescuing crocs in Jamaica

    Crocodiles, no matter where they exist in the world, are an endangered species. Their habitat is being lost and they are being poached for their meat which in some cultures is seen as a delicacy. The state of the crocodile is no different on the Caribbean Island of Jamaica. The crocodile is disap...

  • COVID-19 and wildfires main concern for Californians

    Every year, California is engaged in an epic “Man versus Nature” battle against thousands of wildfires that rage across the land, claiming lives and inflicting billions of dollars in damage.  

    With the dreaded fire season approaching, there is a new element to be fearful of, COVID19 spread.  


  • Climate Change and Pandemics threatens Central America

    The COVID-19 pandemic took the spotlight away from Earth Day’s 50-year celebration on April 22nd.

    Though environmentalists and climate activists see this as a demonstration that when there is enough political will, strong and rapid actions can be taken to mitigate a problem. 

    The northern trian...

  • Ecuadorian bus drivers took the highway to electric innovation

    In 1995, Ecuador's capital, Quito, was the first city in South America to incorporate hybrid buses connected to electrical grids. Most of the other buses in the country run on gas and diesel which lead to more pollution.

    A group of drivers in the town of Guayaquil decided to change that.


  • Profile: Craig Fugate, Former FEMA Administrator

    The Atlantic Hurricane season runs from June through late November. In 2019 Hurricane Dorian left hundreds dead or missing in the Bahamas. The economic toll – more than 3 billion dollars. Our John Zarrella met with the person who was in charge of managing emergencies in the U-S for a decade. T...